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Saturday, January 28, 2023
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10 Best Animated Films That Were Not Made By Disney

Disney may have set the bar very high for animation, but there are plenty of other great films out there that deserve the same award.

10 Best kids movies: Here are the 10 Best Animated Films That Were Not Made By Disney.

1. Spider-Verse:

Cool cartoons. That would make him unlikely, but he also has some top-notch characters, the heroes and villains are interesting and evolved.

The plot and dialogue are amazing. And the music! It’s a bit difficult for the little ones, but the older ones will appreciate it.

2. Spirited Away

Ghibli’s most famous film, Spirited Away, is beautifully animated and an example of first-class storytelling.

Unlike most family films with tight shots and funny messages, Spirited Away has a dreamy, fairytale atmosphere.

Kids will love the fictional spirit world while adults will love the beautiful aesthetic of the film. 

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3. How To Train Your Dragon 2:

Of course, you want to see the original first. But while it’s good, the second film on How to Train Your Dragon certainly hit the hardest.

It is a very well-done, well-made story that deals with complex issues such as death, adulthood, and the fact that sometimes everything cannot be resolved peacefully. I also like all characters and the relationships between characters. 10 Best kids movies

4. Nausicaa: Valley of the wind

Another Ghibli movie is a dystopian punk hope. Hopes shine throughout the film, dark as they may seem.

The protagonist is one of my favorite characters from Ghibli, a princess who is related to giant insects.

In addition to her strong feminine characters, she also has a strong ecological and peaceful message.

5. The Greatest Showman

Probably the only animated film on the list (i.e. I love animation!). The beautiful pieces, the wonderful characters, and the handling of racism and disability are amazing. Maybe one of my favorite musicals that says a lot.

6. How To Train Your Dragon

An adorable baby kisses an adorable dragon. What more do you want It’s not as good as the first one, but it’s still great. The friendship between Hiccup and Toothless really shines.

7. Wolfwalkers

Wolfwalkers, the last animated film available on TV +, is arguably one of the best-animated films I’ve ever seen, second only to Spider-Ayat and Spirited Away.

And it’s also the first time a werewolf story has been told. It also has two strong female executives and an amazing soundtrack.

8. Laputa, the castle in the Sky

Another great Ghibli movie. The characters include the cutest couple, our protagonist, Princess Seita and engineer Patzu, a pirate mother, adorable robots, and a villain voiced by Mark Hamill. Need more reasons to see it?

9. The Iron Giant:

Another story with a cute robot. It’s a cult classic and for good reason. The story is smart and emotionally driven and the animation is fantastic.

10. Abominable

That Dream Works movie has been ignored and I don’t know why. The characters are a bit flat, but I like the animation.

Like HTTYD2, this film deals with death and pain in a very mature way, and I enjoyed the main character’s journey. Coldplay is always a win, of course.

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