The 17 best movies on Amazon Prime Video – Must Watch

17 best movies on Amazon Prime Video

Best Movies on Amazon Prime Video: By clicking on Amazon Prime Video, you’ve likely come across a handful of real-world Amazon movies. They can be unpredictable. But some of them are incredible gems. Amazon broadcasts films like Manchester by the Sea in the US. But it also has universal rights to the perfect prototype to spend the night on a smaller screen.

Hope you find something below that you like (and available in your country).

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Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

Almost 15 years after the Kazakh journalist and television personality Borat first appeared on our giant screens. He was once again joking with unsuspecting Americans and making incredible cultural comments. In Borat 2 or Borat’s upcoming film: Borat offers the American regime a great bribe to benefit once from the glorious nation of Kazakhstan. He travels to the United States to give a gift to his insightful daughter, Tutar Maria Bakalova. to Vice President Mike Pence. During the 2020 presidential election and the COVID-19 pandemic. Prepare to break out of the double political mayhem before succumbing to outrageous laughter.

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Selah and The Spades

If you like the dark things that happen in boarding schools then you should sign up for Selah and Spades. An older student leads a faction called Spades. And sells drugs to other students. But Sela will graduate so he will have to find the right candidate to continue his legacy. Beautifully filmed and guided by Tayarisha Poe’s single lens for the first time. It’s a taste of even better things to come.

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The Big Sick

Big Sick introduced the world to Kumail Nanjiani, who co-wrote the film based on his real-life romance with partner Emily V. Gordon. After the couple has promising dates, Emily falls inexplicably ill and falls into a coma. When Kumail meets his worried parents in the hospital. His Pakistani family continues to take him out with other women. Not only is The Big Sick matured for cultural comedies. But it’s also a tough and heartfelt story by an interracial couple.

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You Were Never Really Here 

A psychological thriller starring Joker Joaquin Phoenix Yes, more people need to see that you’ve never really been here. Lynne Ramsay’s aristocratic performance of a story about a successful man hired to save a politician’s daughter from a human trafficking ring is blatant, brutal. And thankfully lasts 90 minutes. With Phoenix as a brilliant actor, you’ve never been here. It’s more than a thriller.

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Brittany Runs a Marathon

Funny comedy, yes, but Brittany Runs at the marathon is also near home, focusing on the things we are all obsessed with: food, body image, and exercise. Brittany, played by the easily recognizable Jillian Bell, receives expert advice from her doctor about losing weight and ending the party lifestyle. Go ahead and take any tough steps towards a life-changing life. Watch it from your sofa and get inspired to run.

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The frightening picture of Luca Guadagnino in a sad shop window of an art-house is not for everyone. But for those who come to the nest of the famous Berlin dance school and wait for a twisted gift. Tilda Swinton is the seigneurial teacher counseling young naive Dakota Johnson. Please note: Flexible dancers bring new dimensions to body terror. It’s a great movie, over two and a half hours. But if you like creepy graphics and a touch of magic there are some scenes that will leave you behind. Best Movies on Amazon Prime Video

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The Lost City of Z 

Based on the life of British adventurer Percy Fawcett, The Lost City of Z takes you in search of an ancient lost city in the Amazon rainforest. When the adventure scene isn’t alluring enough, movie stars Charlie Hunnam, Robert Pattinson, and Tom Holland play … with a mustache. The Lost City of Z is a beautifully crafted. And fantastically crafted film that, while moving slower than you think. Just amplifies its exciting psychological layers.

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Manchester by the Sea

Get ready for the first big and famous Amazon movie to hit you in the chest. A broken man who has suffered terrible losses becomes the custodian of his teenage grandson. Lee Chandler’s story will hit you emotionally. As will Michelle Williams’ major appearances. Another Kenneth Lonergan performance, Manchester by the Sea, is a complete and unforgettable story.

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The Handmaiden

Even if you’ve heard great things about The Handmaiden, nothing can prepare you for the insane upheaval in this wonderful South Korean film. Characterized as an erotic psychological thriller, Die Handmaiden contains some bright scenes that you probably shouldn’t watch with your parents. It all starts with a crook who flirts with a Japanese heiress to send her to an institution as soon as they get married. But his partner in his wallet, posing as his maid, deviates from the plan. If you got into South Korean movies thanks to Parasite, this is a must-see.

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In the style of Jim Jarmusch, this underrated indie focuses on the subtle details of everyday life with a keen sense of humor. For a week, Paterson follows a bus driver and poet named Paterson, who listens to passengers talking, walks his dog. And drinks a beer at his local pub. Adam Driver makes it infinitely visible. Patterson is inundated with strange characters who live in a city in New Jersey. He offers a smart picture of life. And explores personal obstacles and new paths that arise around them. Best Movies on Amazon Prime Video

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Late Night

Late Night, written and starring Mindy Kaling, follows a well-known television presenter whose audience ratings are falling. He hires an Indo-American writer to redesign the White Writer’s Room. Never Preach While Late Night claims to make Emma Thompson a true talk show host, she’s an animated comedy with a touch of The Devil Wears Prada. That alone should be a compelling reason to see it.

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Cold War

After lovers of different backgrounds and temperaments, the historical drama by Pawel Pawlikowski is set in a destroyed Poland after the Second World War. Zula is an ambitious young singer forging a peasant identity while Victor is a jazz musician who listens to a government-funded folk music ensemble. Politics is treated with pleasure and the black and white images are clear and beautiful. For an 88-minute gift of a rich, passionate, and almost impossible love story, the Cold War is just the thing.

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The Vast of Night

Vast of Night is a bizarre, independent science fiction film directed by Andrew Patterson who skillfully plays fiction. The long and powerful video brings us to two young radio workers studying a sound frequency that they believe can be detected in aliens. The distinctive 1950s New Mexico decor and characters broadcasting monologues on the radio with their muted tones create a terrible atmosphere with a satisfactory payoff.

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Honey Boy

Shia LaBeouf wrote the script for this autobiographical film about a child actor and his relationship with his father. We follow Otis, who is injured after days on the set with his father, a former rodeo clown. LaBeouf actually plays his father’s inspired character, which gives Honey Boy even more psychological layers. It’s a fascinating film therapy from a unique perspective.

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I Am Not Your Negro

I’m Not Your Negro is a documentary narrated by Samuel L. Jackson and inspired by a collection of notes and letters written by American writer and activist James Baldwin in the mid-1970s. The subject of these memories? His closest friends, the revolutionary civil rights activists Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr., and Medgar Evers. As I research the history of racism in the United States, I emphasize that I am not your black, through Baldwin’s painful struggle for civil rights.

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One Child Nation

One Child Nation provides an overview of the One-Child Policy in China, which lasted from 1979 to 2015. Directors Nanfu Wang and Jialing Zhang were born during this period and are studying the consequences of normal life for the Chinese. One Child Nation is a clear example of this period in Chinese history when one considers the ugly side of the “population war” through the experiences of a multitude of people.

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Blow the Man Down

The Coen Brothers meet Wes Anderson in this dark comedy thriller directed by two young protagonists. In a snowy Maine fishing village, Blow the Man Down follows the sisters, played by Morgan Saylor and Sophie Lowe, as they try to hide a man’s body after attacking and reacting to one. During their criminal unrest, they reveal the dark secrets of the city dwellers and turn them into a dark secret. It’s as wonderful as it sounds.

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