5 Underrated Netflix Shows, USA You Must Watch Right Now!

5 Underrated Netflix Shows: American Netflix hosts hundreds of different types of TV shows. However, it can sometimes be difficult to find something that is worth a lot. Now we all have a friend who is absolutely thrilled to see their favorite series again, but otherwise, we find it a little boring. We are constantly looking for the next big show in hopes of adding some excitement to our otherwise human existence. With so much to choose from, however, it goes without saying that some gems will go unnoticed when you scroll through the tips.

Do not worry! After countless hours of research, we’ve compiled a list of the 5 underrated US Netflix shows that are really worth your while.

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1.  1994

Genre: Documentary

Season(s): 1 season; 5 episodes

Year of release: 2019

1994 is a mediocre 5-episode documentary series that offers a perfect guilt-free visual experience. The show revolves around a promising presidential candidate in Mexico threatening the status quo. Seen as a threat by the powerful elite, he was killed during one of his televised political demonstrations. If the events of the first episode seem unusual, what follows is completely strange.

Viewers expect surreal events supported by real interviews and real videos that load the precedent with each episode. 1994 is an exciting presentation, full of information and one of the most turbulent times in Mexico. This not only gives viewers a glimpse into the past but also a story that follows a narrative very close to what we see in our current political climate.

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2.  Rise of Empires: Ottoman

Genre: Drama

Season(s): 1 season; 6 episodes

Year of release: 2020

After the hugely popular Ertugrul show, at least in the eastern part of the world, Rise of Empires: Ottoman presents a historical blend of impeccable production value and a dramatic depiction of the fall of Constantinople in 1453. As a Turkish production, the piece is fully in the works. English and revolves around the life of a young Ottoman sultan named Mehmet. It shows how the 21-year-old leader is risking everything to take over a city that his father and many others have failed to take.

This point marked a critical point in history: the fall of the Roman Empire and the transition from a local peripheral entity to a global superpower. While the show has all its drawbacks (such as frequent chain-of-story flashbacks), our protagonist’s appeal will leave viewers on an unforgettable journey.

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3.  Wild Wild Country

Genre: Documentary

Season(s): 1 season; 6 episodes

Year of release: 2018

The mere mention of Wild Wild Country in front of veteran Netflix viewers is sure to earn you some respect points. Based on a true story, Wild Wild Country tells the story of an Indian cult who decided to move to Oregon. The following is a series of unusual events in which locals struggle to come to terms with new residents, and especially with the eccentric leader of this sect: Bhagwan. This miniseries manages to capture, resell, and resell a significant, if not unusual, event in American history and media in a way that is sure to leave some viewers scratching their heads.

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4.  Lenox Hill

Genre: Documentary

Season(s): 1 season; 9 episodes

Year of release: 2020

If you want to start a train, check out Lenox Hill. While we recommend this documentary series, especially if you’re a Grey’s Anatomy or ER fan, Lenox Hill is not your regular watch. It’s very different from what I’d call common sense on the show, as it reveals the brutal reality that comes with being diagnosed with really bad things.

The New York-based series tells the story of an emergency room doctor, a gynecologist, and two neurosurgeons who are part of a small hospital that competes with larger facilities. Open the curtain of the otherwise romantic emergency room we are used to and accurately tell the difficulties of patients and doctors.

This thrilling series may not be for everyone, but if you want to see a story about people sacrificing everything to save others, this is for you.

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5.  Borderline

Genre: Comedy

Season(s): 2 seasons; 12 episodes

Year of release: 2016

The office is the most popular show on Netflix according to the Chicago Tribune, which is a shame as its contract expires on January 1, 2021. Enter Borderline, a British comedy and “mockumentary” series that follows a similar humorous model. like the office. Located in the fantastic Northend Airport instead of an office, viewers are quickly introduced to a host of funny and silly celebrities.

The best part of the show is that it has its own take on Pam, Dwight, Jim, and Boss Michael. It doesn’t try too hard to sound like its more popular counterpart, and a few episodes are enough to ask you why more people aren’t watching.

Do you agree with our list? Do you know of any underrated show that needs more love? Let us know in the comments! 5 Underrated Netflix Shows:

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