60 days in Season 7: Release Date, Cast, & When It is Going to Happen

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It’s no wonder why the series is so popular. “60 Days In” offers the drama and excitement that viewers seek in reality TV shows, and what’s even more appealing is that it’s unscripted, as reported by The Cinemaholic.

Additionally, the volunteers participating in the show genuinely believe they are making a positive impact. Each undercover volunteer contributes to removing rival gangs, drugs, and corruption by sharing their findings with the sheriff.

With each passing season, “60 Days In” seems to up the intensity level. In Season 6, for instance, several participants left the program early due to the mounting stress and peril they encountered while living in jail (via Amazon Prime).

The show even referred to the Etowah County jail as “the most challenging jail in ’60 Days In’ history.” As Season 7 approaches, fans might wonder if it will maintain the same level of intensity. So, when can we expect Season 7 to be released?

In this article, we will guide everything you need to know about the 60 Days In Season 7 release date, cast, plot, and trailer.

Release Date 60 Days In Season 7

The release schedule for “60 Days In” has varied over its seasons. The first three seasons were released at different times throughout the year. However, Seasons 4 through 6 consistently premiered in early January, one season per year from 2018 to 2020.

Unfortunately, as of now, there hasn’t been a release of “60 Days In” Season 7. The delay in its release is likely due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has disrupted various productions, including reality TV shows. The pandemic has particularly affected places like jails, which are often overcrowded and have limited healthcare capabilities.

Given these circumstances, it’s reasonable to assume that the show’s creators and producers are waiting for more widespread vaccinations and recovery from the pandemic before resuming production.

It’s important to note that A&E, the network airing the show, hasn’t officially confirmed the renewal or cancellation of “60 Days In” for a seventh season. Because of this uncertainty, fans are still awaiting news.

Considering the show’s past success, it’s likely that A&E would want to continue it. Fans can remain hopeful for updates in the near future. If everything goes well, there’s still a possibility that a new season might be released by the end of 2021.

What will be 60 Days In Season 7 about?

“60 Days In” is a reality TV show set in an actual prison environment. The concept involves selecting seven individuals to go undercover as inmates and live inside the jail for a duration of 60 days.

The show chronicles their experiences as they adapt to life behind bars, mimicking the routines and challenges faced by real inmates. Throughout their time in jail, they must ensure that their undercover status remains undisclosed.

The main objective for these undercover participants is to uncover any illegal activities taking place within the prison. Their true identities are kept secret from both the inmates and the prison staff, including guards.

Each participant’s goal is to gather information and insights while navigating the challenges of prison life.

For “60 Days In” Season 7, the show will be set in the Henry County Sheriff’s Office in McDonough, Georgia.

As of now, fans eagerly await the release date for “60 Days In” Season 7, which will undoubtedly continue to showcase the gripping and suspenseful experiences of these undercover participants within the prison environment.

Cast of 60 Days In Season 7

“60 Days In” employs a unique approach where ordinary individuals volunteer to become undercover inmates for the show. Once the series airs, their faces and real names become public, leading to a fresh set of participants for each season. This ensures that the show never uses the same person twice, resulting in a diverse and new group of individuals in every season.

The show aims to bring together participants from various backgrounds and walks of life. Season 6, for instance, featured a mix of personalities. Dennis, a former college football player, believes that criminals have it easier than law-abiding citizens and thinks they should receive harsher punishments.

He enters the jail with the notion that it will be like an “extended vacation,” only to realize the harsh reality. On the other hand, there’s Ashley, a Texas Police Officer and National Guard Sergeant, who aims to improve the detention center from within and advocates for better rehabilitation efforts in the US jail system.

Season 7 of “60 Days In” is likely to feature a similar assortment of individuals with strong opinions or personal connections to the incarceration system.

The series has previously included correctional officers, individuals with prior experience of incarceration or family members in prison, and people connected to the justice system who are keen to gain insights from the experience. This variety in backgrounds contributes to the show’s captivating and multifaceted narrative.

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