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Saturday, January 28, 2023
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Alien Covenant 2: Will There Be Any Chance for a 2017 Film Sequel?

Any chance that Alien Covenant 2 or the 2017 horror movie sequel Alien Covenant will return? In the past there has been a lot of talk by the production team about the next movie or sequel, but will the sequel get here? IMDb

No, so far there is no news about the sequel or prequel of the Aliens movie, which will be a direct sequel to Prometheus or Alien Covenant 2 to continue the story in a new movie.

Rumor has it that Ridley Scott will go ahead and make the next movie when the sci-fi thriller Alien Covenant hits the box office in 2017 and does a new episode in the next 14 months, but where is the movie? , why not? it’s not arrived yet.

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Alien Covenant Will Ever Get the Sequel or Not?

Many questions are floating around in the minds of readers, will they see more in the Alien franchise after Prometheus and Alien Covenant 2017, the prequel to the 2012 film?

As you all know, Alien Covenant is the prequel to the movie Prometheus, in which there are more dangerous and different aliens. Aliens are portrayed and this film is more dangerous and exciting for the audience than their previous film Prometheus.

In both films, the end of the film is sad because in both films the actress dies at David because he was the villain who built his army of aliens and if they want to do another film they need a new actor in the third Movie. or the sequel to Alien Covenant.

What do you think of the sequel to the Alien Covenant? Will we ever have the sequel to give the movie a perfect ending? Do you know why David wants to conquer the whole world by ruling it and killing people and creating aliens that kill people?

Can we get answers to any of our questions spinning in the mind of the viewer or viewer who has watched these two films? Why David, are you doing this and why does he want to make all the mistakes.

It answers a lot of other questions as well, but I think we should also leave the movie where it ends as there is no official news on the sequel to Alien Covenant at this point.

So far, the film remains canceled as no news has been released about its sequel, which just means they don’t want to continue the film, which could be the immediate sequel to the 2017 film.

And there’s another reason the film didn’t come because some fans have forgotten its story and the production doesn’t want to touch the film to continue since it was four years ago and that could be one of the reasons the film didn’t to continue. Film after a long time to review Willian’s murder of the young actress to make another sad story.

Which Film Came First Alien Covenant or Prometheus?

Prometheus is a movie from 2012 which just means it happened first, then the director makes it a prequel or a sequel, Alien Covenant from 2017 plus Dangerous Aliens and Alien Covenant is more thriller and horror because these alien people kill and they want. kill humanity.

Is Alien Covenant on Netflix?

No, the sci-fi horror movie Alien Covenant can’t be streamed on Netflix, but you can find it on other platforms.

And if you want to learn more about the Alien Alliance, we also have another article on the 2017 movie that has all the information about the original Alien Alliance.

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