Andor Season 2 Gets Discouraging Release Update

Posted By: Sophia Andrew

Posted On: December 12, 2023


Fans who really look forward to Season 2 of Andor might feel a bit sad because the latest news about when it will be out isn’t as exciting as they hoped.

After the first season of Andor ended in November 2022, Tony Gilroy, who is in charge of the show, said that the second season would be on Disney+ in Summer or Fall 2024. He repeated this information at Star Wars Celebration 2023 a month later, saying that Season 2 was progressing well and following a production schedule similar to Season 1.

Andor Season 2 Disappoints Fans with Release Updates

The official Disney announcement about upcoming releases in 2024 didn’t mention the second season of Star Wars: Andor. While this doesn’t confirm that Andor Season 2 won’t come out in 2024, it suggests a later premiere in 2025 is more likely. Adding to this likelihood is the inclusion of Marvel Studios’ Agatha: Darkhold Diaries in the list, rumored to be released in September 2024, even though it hasn’t been officially confirmed.

The absence of Andor Season 2 from the list, coupled with the inclusion of Darkhold Diaries, makes it seem more probable that the release of the popular Star Wars show has been delayed from its initial 2024 schedule.

Initially, Star Wars had announced five different live-action and animated shows for release in 2024, including The Acolyte and Skeleton Crew on the live-action side. The animated side will feature The Bad Batch Season 3 and Tales of the Jedi Season 2, taking the spotlight.

Will Andor Come to Disney+ in 2024?

Because Andor is considered one of the most successful Disney+ shows for Star Wars, delaying its release until after 2024 will likely make fans eager for more action as Lucasfilm and Disney resume production. Unfortunately, strikes by writers and actors during the summer of 2023 significantly impacted Season 2’s production, leading to only partial completion of filming. This is notable considering Season 1 took over a year to finish its production.

Tony Gilroy, the head writer/showrunner, has already hinted that Season 2 will be quite different from the first, covering four full years of action between the end of Season 1 and the events of Rogue One. The stars of the show have mentioned that various stories from Season 1 will start to intersect in the upcoming episodes, adding to the anticipation of how these adventures will be portrayed on screen.

As of now, Andor Season 2 doesn’t have an official release date on Disney+.

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