Aquaman: Will there be a Aquaman 2?

Aquaman 2 is still two years away, but expectations for DC’s sequel are high after the debut film became DC’s biggest film at $ 1.15 billion.

It was an outcome no one saw coming. And which unexpectedly prompted Warner Bros. to confirm a sequel. And spin-off shortly after its release. Though it’s not yet clear if James Wan will be returning as a director.

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Although he’s not directing the film, we know Wan is likely to return as a producer with Peter Safran. And the sequel was co-written by lead co-writer David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick.

But what else do we know about our return to Atlantis? Everything you need to know about Aquaman 2 including Release date, Cast Details, Storyline, Trailer, Updates and More Details.

Aquaman 2 Release Date: When will Aquaman 2 be released?

Aquaman: Will there be a Aquaman 2? | Trending Update News
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Aquaman 2 Release Date: Warner Bros. has confirmed that the sequel will hit theaters on December 16, 2022, four years after the first film was released.

Pre-production for the sequel should start in 2020 but we don’t know if this is still the case given the current global situation. In any case, it takes a long time to reach the planned release date.

The Trench spin-off was considered to be released prior to the sequel, but there was no further news on the movie. Aquaman Wikipedia

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Cast: Who will return

There was no official news for the sequel, but it would be a big surprise if Jason Momoa didn’t return as Arthur Curry, AKA Aquaman, and Amber Heard as Mera.

Patrick Wilson confirmed he is back as Orm and has been “easily informed” of what is to come for the fallen king of Atlantis. He joked, “I can tell you that [Wan’s ideas] Aquaman 2 pushes it even further.”

And after Yahya Abdul-Mateen II prepared Black Manta as the main villain of the sequel, he has also confirmed that he will be back.

“Black Manta will be back and hopefully this will cause a lot more problems than the first,” he joked.

While we don’t know exactly what the other returns from the sequel are, we can expect characters like Willem Dafoe’s Vulko, Nicole Kidman’s Atlanna, and Dolph Lundgren’s Nereus as well.

Who knows, maybe Julie Andrews will return as karathen …

Aquaman 2 Plot 

Aquaman: Will there be a Aquaman 2? | Trending Update News
Image Source: Entertainment Weekly

Even before the start of the films, thanks to Momoa, we had a feeling for how it would turn out.

“He was born with mighty powers. But he did not use or perfect them,” he told Arthur Curry. “Obviously [the first movie] is the whole story of the making. We saw him on the Justice League which is probably two minutes in his previous life to see where he’s from.

“I think when he was a kid he had these powers. And he hasn’t really perfected them so the whole trip will be king … the last frame of this movie. You will see how he becomes what it would be.

And of course, at the end of the film, Arthur defeats Orm. And takes his rightful place in the King of Atlantis, with Mera by his side. This happens shortly after you first wear the classic orange and green Aquaman costume.

Hence, the sequel will likely begin in the early days of King Aquaman’s reign. And most likely face the first threat he faces as the ruler of Atlantis. In any case, Momoa says that everything was “planned”.

Other than that, we don’t know much about what to expect. But the writer told us where to look for a trailer.

“We’re not going to take a specific comic book story and tailor it. But if you want to know what mood we’re looking for, Black Manta has you picking just about any story from the Silver Age,” Johnson-McGoldrick told a Twitter fan.

When speaking to the DC FanDome in August 2020, Wan hinted at what the sequel would look like. And Wilson confirmed that he would be visiting “new worlds.”

“The second is a little more serious, a little more relevant to the world we live in today. That’s where he wants to go,” said Wan.


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