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Step into the world of Average Joe, a dark comedic drama series created by the talented Robb Cullen. On June 26, 2023, BET+ premiered this exciting show, leaving eager viewers wanting more with its engaging storyline and outstanding performances. The excitement for the renewal of Average Joe Season 2 is evident.

BET+ recognized the series’s brilliance and acquired it on February 7, 2022, paving the way for its future success. As Average Joe continues to capture the hearts and minds of its audience, it’s no surprise that the anticipation for Season 2 is growing. The best is yet to come, and the journey has only just begun.

In this article, we will guide everything you need to know about the Average Joe Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Recap, and more.

What Happened In Season 1?

Average Joe delves into the idea that beneath our everyday lives, there are hidden complexities. The show highlights the difficulty of placing trust, even in those close to us.

This theme is evident in the complicated relationship between Joe and his father and the fragile trust between romantic partners like Jenn and Demitri.

The series underscores the volatility of trust and how even family connections can be challenging, reminding us to be cautious about whom and what we place our trust in.

The story begins by introducing Joe, his wife Angela, and their daughter Jennifer. Joe’s life seems content as he works as a plumber and spends time with his family.

However, everything changes dramatically when Joe’s father, Teddy, suddenly passes away. Amidst the grief, Joe makes a shocking discovery about his father’s true identity: he was involved with Nicolai Dzhugasvili, a mobster, as a drug mule. What surprises Joe even more is that his father had stolen a Lamborghini and $10 million in cash from the mobster.

The show portrayed Joe’s evolution from a regular plumber to an unwitting participant in a perilous game. As he delved into his father’s hidden life, Joe was faced with the grim truths of the criminal underworld.

Joe and his family grappled with the decision of whether to chase after the money and the stolen car or let things be, but greed played a significant role in influencing their eventual choice.

In pursuit of a brighter future for Angela and Jennifer, Joe made the decision to hunt for the money. Along his journey, he encountered a series of increasingly intense and harrowing experiences, each more challenging than the last.

The show’s standout qualities are its humor and the development of its characters. Viewers can see Joe’s personal growth as he grapples with the shocking revelations about his father’s life and navigates a dangerous situation. He confronts his internal conflicts, including a strong desire for money.

Angela’s character also undergoes significant development as she learns about Joe’s father’s secret involvement. Initially frightened, her primary concern is protecting her family, so she stands by Joe unwaveringly. Her strong support adds an emotional depth to the story.

The introduction of supporting characters like Joe’s friend Leon and the cop Benjamin “Touch” injects humor into their otherwise serious circumstances. It also brings additional plot elements that showcase each character’s journey. Touch’s role as a drug-addicted cop raises questions about his commitment to the law, while Cathy and Leon are characters who prioritize financial gain, regardless of the potential consequences.

The Cast Of Average Joe Season 2

Welcome to a charming series filled with laughter and love, where the lovable Joe Washington is at the heart of the story. Joe embodies reliability, serving as a dedicated father and a loving husband.

Deon Cole, known for his natural talent in television, has already captured hearts with his role as Charlie Telphy in the beloved sitcom Black-ish on ABC.

Next to Joe is his beloved wife, Angela Washington, brought to life by the delightful Tammy Townsend. For soap opera fans, Tammy is a familiar face, having previously appeared as Wendy Reardon in the iconic Days of Our Lives. Now, she takes on the role of being Joe’s anchor in life.

Completing this dynamic duo is Joe’s lifelong best friend, Leon Montgomery, portrayed by the charismatic Malcolm Barrett. With his previous captivating performance as Rufus Carlin in the NBC drama Timeless, Malcolm infuses the role with his unique Brooklyn charisma.

Average Joe Season 2 Release Date

Average Joe Season 1 has indeed enjoyed a rapid and substantial increase in its popularity, attracting a dedicated fanbase in a relatively short time. Fans eagerly anticipate the continuation of the captivating storyline.

However, it’s disappointing to note that there has been no official announcement yet regarding the show’s renewal or cancellation status. As of now, the future of Average Joe remains uncertain, and fans will have to await updates to know whether more episodes are in store.

The uncertainty surrounding the future of the series has left fans in a state of anticipation, where they could either be delighted or disappointed. Many series, like the cancellation of Cable Girls Season 6, often face such uncertain fates in the hands of production houses.

Ultimately, the decision rests with the directors and show owners, but from the fans’ point of view, there’s a high level of anticipation that if the series is renewed for more episodes, it might be expected in late 2024 or early 2025.

In the meantime, to stave off boredom, fans can explore other shows like A Perfect Story. Have you had the chance to watch it before?

The Storylines of Average Joe Season 2

Indeed, people from all walks of life have dreams and ambitions. Whether they are a humble worker or a successful entrepreneur, everyone strives to reach their goals.

The paths to achieving these goals can be quite different, with some relying on determination and hard work, while others may resort to unethical methods.

Ultimately, the approach chosen depends on the individual. Regardless of the outcome, money often plays a significant role in pursuing certain dreams, just as it revolves around the teenage series named Teenage Euthanasia.

In our competitive society, financial resources are crucial, whether for enjoying luxuries or ensuring one’s basic survival.

What We Can Expect From Average Joe Season 2?

A new season often brings with it a fresh set of expectations, but since the series has not been renewed yet, we can’t provide exact details about what will happen. However, we can offer some hints about what might be expected in the series.

One burning question is whether the stolen money from Joe’s father will finally be discovered. In the last season, we saw the characters searching desperately for the hidden cash.

Will their efforts lead to something fruitful? That’s something we’ll have to wait to find out. Additionally, it seems like new relationships will develop, and unexpected connections might be formed, so be prepared for surprises.

One key question is how long Joe can evade the assassins with the help of his friends. It’s natural to be curious about what the next season will bring, but it looks like we’ll have to be patient and wait for more details to emerge.

Average Joe Series Rating

It’s great to hear that Average Joe (2023) received a higher rating than expected. IMDb’s average rating of 7.0 out of 10 is a good indication of its popularity. It’s also interesting to note that the eighth episode seems to have captured the limelight.

The American audience appears to have made a significant contribution to the overall rating. Additionally, the series has garnered an impressive average audience score of 97 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

For those who haven’t had the chance to watch it yet, these ratings suggest that it’s worth giving the series a try.


In short, if you’re a devoted fan of Average Joe, you’ll need to exercise some patience as you wait for the series to potentially return to your screens in late 2024 or early 2025.

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