Bad Sisters Season 2 Release Date, Storyline, Cast Members, and Everything You Need To Know

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“Bad Sisters Season 2” is a funny TV show from Ireland. It’s a black comedy, which means it’s a mix of humor and dark themes. The people who made the show are Sharon Horgan, Dave Finkel, and Brett Baer. The story happens in Dublin, a city in Ireland, and they actually filmed it there. It’s based on a show from Belgium called “Clan,” made by Malin-Sarah Gozin. The first two episodes came out on August 19, 2022. Apple TV+ decided to make another season, and they announced it on November 8, 2022.

The article will tell you things like when they will show Bad Sisters Season 2. What’s the story going to be in the new season? Will the same actors be in it? How many episodes will it have? Also, where can you watch it? Is there a video to give you a sneak peek of the new season? You can find out all these things and more.

Bad Sisters Season 2 Release Date

They told everyone about the first season of Raising Dion, which started on August 19, 2022. There were ten episodes in that season. They’re going to make more seasons in the coming years.

Apple TV+ decided to make another season of the show on November 8, 2022. But they haven’t told us when it will come out yet. Fans really want to know when they can watch the second season of Bad Sisters, but there’s no news about that yet.

Bad Sisters Series Storyline Overview:

Bad Sisters Season 2 is a really great show that got lots of awards for being amazing and making people happy. Now, in this season, we will see five sisters named Bibi, Eva, Grace, Becka, and Ursula. They all used to live in Dublin, and the story is about them.

The story starts when Grace’s husband, John Paul, passes away. This is a big surprise for everyone. After that, we see all the five sisters going to an insurance office to find out about life insurance.

Bad Sisters Season 2 Plot:

Bad Sisters is based on a show from Belgium called Clan. It’s about five sisters named Garvey. They’ve had a tough life because they lost their parents when they were young. But they promised to always take care of each other and support one another. The show is about their adventures together.

But sometimes promises can’t always be kept, and taking care of each other gets really messy. Things get even harder when one of their in-laws passes away. This puts a lot of strain on the sisters’ relationship. And now, since the in-law is gone, there’s a big problem with getting the insurance money. The company doesn’t want to pay it easily because it’s a lot of money all at once.

They start investigating if the sisters have a way in the in-law’s death but will they succeed? The second season plot is still unknown, but in the meantime, we will have to wait for the season one finale to determine what the second season might entail.

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Bad Sisters Season 2 Cast:

The actors who play the main characters in the show have become really special to the fans because they did such a good job. And now, since they said they’re going to make a second season, everyone is excited to see these actors again in the same roles.

  • Sharon Horgan as Eva Garvey
  • Eva Birthistle as Ursula Flynn
  • Anne-Marie Duff as Grace Williams
  • Sarah Greene as Bibi Garvey
  • Brian Gleeson as Thomas (“Tom”) Claffin
  • Eve Hewson as Becka Garvey
  • Daryl McCormack as Matthew (“Matt”) Claffin
  • Claes Bang as John Paul (“JP”) Williams
  • Yasmine Akram as Nora Garvey
  • Assaad Bouab as Gabriel
  • Lloyd Hutchinson as Gerald Fisher
  • Peter Coonan as Ben
  • Michael Smiley as Roger Muldoon
  • Seána Kerslake as Theresa Claffin
  • Nina Norén as Minna Williams
  • Saise Quinn as Blánaid Williams
  • Barry Ward as Fergal Loftus

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Bad Sisters Season 2 List of Episodes:

Right now, the people who make the show are working hard on Bad Sisters Season 2. They haven’t told us exactly what the story will be like or how many episodes there will be. But don’t worry, looking at how Season 1 was, we think Season 2 will probably have ten episodes.

  • Episode 01: “The Prick”
  • Episode 02: “Explode a Man”
  • Episode 03: “Chopped Liver”
  • Episode 04: “Baby Becka”
  • Episode 05: “Eye for an Eye”
  • Episode 06: “Splash”
  • Episode 07: “Rest In Peace”
  • Episode 08: “The Cold Truth”
  • Episode 09: “Going Rogue”
  • Episode 10: “Saving Grace

Bad Sisters Season 2 Trailer:

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