Batman’s New Costume Revealed By DC Comics

Batman's New Costume Revealed By DC Comics | Trending Update News

Batman’s New Costume: In the upcoming Future State: Dark Detective arc, Batman will wear a new costume that is very different from the usual cloak and hood.

Batman has a whole new look. On Tuesday, DC Comics revealed some more details about the upcoming Future State arc and gave a closer look at Batman’s new design. The Dark Knight will wear a more regular disguise in his next future situation: Dark Detective Bow.

The DC Future State Event is a new bi-weekly arc that will explore the future of DC. In addition to the new storylines, Future State will introduce a number of new characters, including new versions of Wonder Woman, The Flash, Superman, and almost every hereditary hero on DC’s roster. Just because new heroes are in the spotlight doesn’t mean old favorites aren’t key. For example, Bruce Wayne will get a new look and role in Gotham City.

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In the future: Dark Detective # 1 Bruce Wayne would be dead. However, he will attempt to uncover the mystery of his alleged death while suppressing Gotham’s new abusive force, the judge. In the next series, Batman will bring a new costume. At DC Nation Presents DC Future State, Bruce’s costume designed by Dan Mora was on display. The look is more military than the usual Batman design.

Batman’s New Costume: New Look

Batman's New Costume Revealed By DC Comics - Trending Update News
Image Source: SCREENRANT

The new costume makes sense as Batman is on the run and wants to stay hidden from the judge. The brand’s cape has disappeared and the logo is painted yellow instead of being a natural part of their costume. Batman’s ears also protrude from his hood. His tool belt now has far fewer pockets than usual (although they are larger) and he appears to be carrying a low-tech pistol. It is safe to assume that Batman is no longer as technical as it used to be, as the new costume has low fidelity, at least compared to some of its earlier looks. It will be exciting to see what Bruce Wayne’s Masked Crusader can expect when a new Batman arrives in Gotham.

  • Detective Dark Future State
  • Black detective by MARIKO TAMAKI
  • Drawings from “Dark Detective” by DAN MORA
  • “Grifter” by MATTHEW ROSENBERG
  • Cover by DAN MORA
  • JOHN PAUL LEON cardboard insert
  • SALE 01/12/21
  • People thought Bruce Wayne was dead. It was completely wrong! When the terrible paramilitary organization known as the Magistrate took control of Gotham City, the original Batman tried to defeat it … but even the Dark Knight couldn’t have predicted how far this evil power could have been. could stop it. Now Bruce Wayne is running! From award-winning writer Eisner Mariko Tamaki and rising star Dan Mora, it is the story of a Batman who is marginalized without losing anything. Grifter is back in this issue too! Cole Cash is having a bad day and it won’t improve when the GCPD detectives show up! Will a chance encounter with Luke Fox change your luck? Or will your day be a lot worse?

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