BTS 10th Anniversary: BTS V Shares Unseen Videos, Kim Taehyung, How Jungkook, Jimin & Other Members Celebrating

Posted By: Shweta Khandal

Posted On: June 13, 2023


BTS, the South Korean boy band that has taken the world by storm, recently celebrated their 10th anniversary in a grand style. The group’s member, BTS V, treated fans to a delightful surprise by sharing unseen videos of how he, along with Kim Taehyung, Jungkook, Jimin, and other members celebrated this momentous occasion. In this article, we will dive into the details of BTS’s 10th anniversary celebrations, exploring the exciting events and heartwarming moments that unfolded.

BTS’s Journey to the 10th Anniversary

BTS’s journey to their 10th anniversary has been nothing short of extraordinary. The group debuted in 2013 with their single “No More Dream” and quickly gained popularity for their energetic performances and meaningful lyrics. Over the years, BTS has become a global sensation, breaking records, winning awards, and amassing a massive fan base known as the BTS ARMY.

Unseen Videos: A Glimpse into the Celebration

To make their 10th anniversary even more special, BTS V shared a series of unseen videos that offered fans an intimate look into the celebrations. These videos showcased the camaraderie and bond between the members as they spent quality time together. From heartfelt conversations to playful moments, the videos captured the essence of BTS’s friendship and their journey together.

Kim Taehyung’s Special Message

During the 10th anniversary celebrations, Kim Taehyung, also known as V, shared a heartfelt message with the BTS ARMY. He expressed his gratitude for the fans’ unwavering support throughout the years and credited them for the group’s success. Taehyung’s message resonated deeply with fans, who were touched by his sincerity and love for the BTS ARMY.

Jungkook, Jimin, and Other Members’ Contributions

Apart from V’s videos and Taehyung’s message, other BTS members also made significant contributions to the 10th anniversary celebrations. Jungkook, the group’s youngest member, showcased his exceptional talent through a mesmerizing solo performance. Jimin, known for his captivating dance moves, treated fans to a spectacular dance routine. Each member brought their unique skills and charm to the festivities, making it a truly unforgettable event.

BTS’s 10th anniversary celebrations were a testament to the group’s immense talent, hard work, and the unbreakable bond they share. The unseen videos, Kim Taehyung’s heartfelt message, and the contributions of other members created a joyous atmosphere filled with love and appreciation. As BTS continues to make history and inspire millions worldwide, their 10th anniversary stands as a remarkable milestone in their extraordinary journey.

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