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Saturday, January 28, 2023
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Coinbase: Finding Bitcoin Inventor Satoshi Nakamoto can damage the cryptocurrency

Coinbase speculated that Satoshi's bitcoin transfer could also affect the cryptocurrency market.

Coinbase: Bitcoin and Ethereum markets could be badly damaged if the identity of anonymous Bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto is revealed, Cryptocurrency Exchange warned Coinbase during its IPO.

The San Francisco-based company also noted in documents submitted to the U.S. Security Committee that identifying the mysterious inventor could also have a negative impact on its business, significantly lowering Bitcoin and Ethereum prices in the market.

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Cryptography. Although there is no public information about the creator of Bitcoin, the name Satoshi Nakamoto was used as a pseudonym for the person or group of people who first developed crypto in the Bitcoin whitepaper published in 2010.

Coinbase said in a statement that the recognition of Satoshi Nakamoto will directly affect Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The company also predicts that the investor’s transfer of bitcoin could not only reveal their identity but also impact the crypto market.

The reason for this is that Nakamoto is said to have around one million bitcoins out of a total of 21 million worldwide.

It could be worth $ 40 billion (roughly Rs.2.96.7 billion) if Bitcoin hits a benchmark of $ 1 trillion (roughly Rs 74.16.320 million) in January. However, the identity of the creator remains a mystery.

 Coinbase: Finding Bitcoin Inventor Satoshi Nakamoto can damage the cryptocurrency - Trending Update News

Nakamoto’s anonymity has helped Bitcoin and Ethereum decentralize currencies in the global economy.

Hence, it is believed that their identification can affect the nature of the cryptocurrencies and place them in the custody of a single entity. This could be discouraging for investors.

Coinbase’s listing filing also indicated that negative perceptions of Bitcoin and Ethereum could also affect the crypto-economy and the value of the contract.

The document also states that “laws and regulations that affect or access the Bitcoin and Ethereum networks, including stating that Bitcoin or Ethereum is a security or other financial instrument that is regulated by law”, could also affect the markets of cryptography.

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