Daniel Spellbound Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot

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Posted On: October 6, 2023


When will Season 3 of Daniel Spellbound be out? Well, in the world of magic on our screens, Matt Fernandes is the person who makes it all happen. He’s the one who thought up the cool computer-animated show called Daniel Spellbound. Now, fans are eagerly waiting for Season 3 to arrive. They can’t wait to dive into the magical adventures again!

On a special night, October 27, 2022, Daniel Spellbound appeared on Netflix like magic. Netflix Animation, the talented Industrial Brothers, and Boat Rocker Studios all teamed up to create this enchanting show. Fans are super excited about Season 3, and the magic of the show just keeps on going!

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Daniel Spellbound Season 3 Release Date

The first season of Daniel Spellbound was released on October 27, 2022, and the second season is set to premiere on January 26, 2023. As of now, there haven’t been any official announcements about when Season 3 will begin.

We’re curious about Season 3, but it all hinges on how Season 2 does. Hopefully, we’ll get official news about it soon!

While you wait for Daniel Spellbound to return, you can check out similar shows. Some examples include East New York Season 2 and Everyone Else Burns Season 2.

Daniel Spellbound Season 3 Cast

  • Catherine Disher as The Pie Maker
  • Rainbow Sun Francks as Burden
  • Lynn Rafferty as Bixby Prospero
  • Chantel Riley as Lucy Santana
  • Joe Pingue as Spanos
  • Kyra Harper as Camilla Thomas
  • Deven Christian Mack as Hoagie
  • Alex Barima as Alex Barima
  • Dwayne Hill as Tyson
  • Philip Craig as Viktor Albright
  • Julie Sype as Elyse
  • Ellen Dubin as Lt Alchemist
  • Saara Chaudry as Shak
  • Al Mukadam as Jayce Chinda
  • Sean Rey as Hector
  • Paul Amos as Kel
  • Nola Klop as Elyse
  • Nadine Whiteman as Nadine Whiteman

What Will Be the Plot of Daniel Spellbound Season 3?

When the final curtain dropped and the Dark Mage revealed her true identity, a big part of the magical story reached its conclusion. Now, everyone knows that Gryphon Egg and Fugu Rose are married, and it’s no longer a hidden secret.

Be cautious, as this might be the beginning of trouble in the magic world, awakening hidden evil. In the second season, the story shifts to Daniel’s life outside the Tracker’s Guild, uncovering new hidden forces of darkness lurking in the shadows.

What about those thrilling moments that keep us hooked? Well, don’t fret, because the third season is on the way with lots of intriguing mysteries, nail-biting suspense, and, of course, Daniel’s incredible magic. The story unfolds like an ancient scroll, and each new chapter brings a fresh secret to light.

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In Conclusion

In short, get ready for more magic in the world of ‘Daniel Spellbound’ as Season 3 arrives on Netflix on January 26, 2023. This new season will bring exciting mysteries, interesting characters, and the incredible talents of the cast

Even though we haven’t seen a video trailer for Season 3 yet, the captivating story and magical universe of ‘Daniel Spellbound’ are plenty to keep fans excited for their next magical adventure. Get ready to be enchanted once more as you dive into this extraordinary world where magic is the ruler.

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