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Friday, January 27, 2023
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Dexter New Blood Episode 1 Detailed Recap

Dexter New Blood Episode 1 marked the series’ long-awaited debut and fans didn’t hesitate to enjoy it. The original Dexter series ended about eight years ago.

Eventually, we see Michael C. Hall return as Dexter Morgan to the new show that continues with the previous one.

Dexter Morgan lives in Iron Lake, New York, which is still covered in snow. This place is as far from the hot, sunny Miami weather as you can get.

He appeared as a monster throughout the previous series and managed to keep that monster inside for a long time. However, the monster tries to get out every night.

His identity at the moment is Jim Lindsay. Here’s everything you need to know about Dexter’s New Blood Episode 1.

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A quick recap of Dexter New Blood Episode 1.

Iron Lake residents know Dexter as Jim Lindsay. Jim is currently having a love life with his job.

He is with Angela Bishop and works in a local toy and fish store. Surprisingly, his girlfriend is the local police chief.

In the first season of Dexter New Blood, we see that his current life is going quite well. He spends his life on a very strict schedule.

There are times when you are not up to a certain social situation. Copy the behavior of those around you to make you feel humble and kind.

Now if you look at the city he lives in, Iron Lake, it’s a beautiful city that all the locals know each other. We won’t find a lot of crimes there. Wikipedia

So Angela Bishop, the local police chief, stays free and has fun with her boyfriend.

As Dexter New Blood Sex 1 unfolds, we see that the thirst for murder and blood continues. He does his best not to think about it and sticks to the code Harry set for him.

However, things don’t stay the same for long. It gets complicated with the introduction of Harrison and Matt Caldwell.

Harrison highlights Dexter’s past when he enters the show, and Matt is rich and corrupt. All of this could take Dexter back to his bloody past.

Is Debra still alive in Dexter New Blood Episode 1?

Jennifer Carpenter’s character, Debra Morgan, is not alive. People who have seen the show in the past know that Oliver Saxon, aka the Brain Surgeon, a serial killer shot it down.

After he was shot, he was hospitalized. There he had a stroke and was in a dangerous situation.

Dexter pays his neurosurgeon debt and then goes to the hospital to find Debbie. Everything happens while there is a big hurricane.

When she sees Debra, she realizes she is in terrible pain and stops breathing to avoid further suffering. Debra is slowly dying and Dexter is very excited.

He carries his sister’s body on his boat to sink the body in the sea.

The surprising thing, however, is that we got to see Debra in Dexter New Blood Episode 1.

At the beginning of the episode, we discover that Debra is not real. This is only part of Dexter’s thoughts. Debra has always represented something good in Dexter’s life and continues to do so after his death.

Dexter always finds her with him in his cabin since he wakes up every morning.

Although he’s not there, his presence keeps Dexter away from the dark past. However, Dexter realizes that his entire presence is a lie and he faces a difficult time. This is where Harrison comes in.

Dexter realizes that he can resume his previous actions. And things are slowly returning to normal.

Identity of Harrison.

Dexter had a child with his late wife, Rita Bennett, played by Julie Bents. That son is Harrison. At the beginning of Dexter’s last episode, we saw that Harrison was dating Hannah McKay. Now Hannah McKay is Dexter’s ex-girlfriend who is also a serial killer.

They were both in Buenos Aires, then Hannah receives the information that Dexter is gone. When we see Harrison arrive in town to meet Dexter in Dexter New Blood Episode 1, we can understand that he needs to know his father is alive.

He also got the exact location from his father. Dexter wonders how Harrison found this out, since doing these things wasn’t easy for someone his age.

On the original show, we saw several similarities between Dexter and his son. Chances are that you inherited many traits from your father that are mainly psychological. When they first met in Dexter New Blood Episode 1, Dexter refused to acknowledge him.

Then he remembered Debra’s words and decided to let Harrison go. He believed that if the baby stayed with him it would cause him a lot of pain and suffering. But when Dexter kills Matt, he feels he needs to keep in touch with his son.

This desire becomes very real and will eventually bring him back to where he lives.

Identity of Matt Caldwell.

In Dexter New Blood Episode 1, we see the entry of a rich boy, Matt Caldwell. He came to the store to buy hunting equipment. This is the shop where Dexter works.

Dexter knows Matt was the reason so many people died in boating accidents. That makes Matt the perfect target for Dexter. He continued to have a great urge to kill.

Dexter did everything to keep them away. He wanted to keep the joy and peace he found where he is now. But in the first season of Dexter New Blood, we see fate lead him in a different direction.

Matt goes in search of Episode 1 of Dexter New Blood and kills a white dollar. It was the white stag that Dexter had been chasing for some time. He had many opportunities to shoot him, but he didn’t because it would throw the killer back inside him.

Hence, Matt Dexter’s first death in a long time.

Dexter creates a makeshift killing room and then continues his murder ritual. He realizes that it has been a long time since he was involved in a murderous madness. So he would no longer need trophies for his murders.

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