Digital Diwali: How U.S. celebrations for the Indian festival of lights pivoted this year

Digital Diwali: For this year’s celebration of Diwali in the USA, various temples and places of worship will be performing an online puja. A ritual prayer that offers fruits and flowers to Hindu gods.

The five-day festival of lights, which will take place on Saturday of this year, will be reduced to the festival due to the restrictions of the coronavirus.

Diwali, which symbolizes the victory of good over evil and is celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs, and Janes, is often seen offering prayers, visiting families, lighting lamps, decorating houses, and exchanging gifts and presents Sweets.

For many South Asian Americans, this means turning to creative ways of partying.

The CDC recommends that vacations with only family members are the least risky. And that any small gathering should be followed by 6 feet of social distance, masks, hand washing, and other regulations.

The North American company at the Hindu Temple in Flushing, Queens, will post offers online while allowing a limited number of pilgrims. Under the social distancing rules, Ravi Vaidyanaat, who is overseeing the events.

One of the biggest celebrations in New York’s Diwali in Times Square, which has been hosted by event director. And presenter Neeta Bhasin since 2013. It has attracted a large crowd and has dance and music performances. Celebrity appearances in India and Bollywood as Mayor Bill de Blasio, who was there last year.

The festival has now evolved into a three-day online event.

Digital Diwali: How U.S. celebrate

Digital Diwali: How U.S. celebrations for the Indian festival of lights pivoted this year | Trending Update News

Virtual celebrations, streamed live on the event’s social media platforms, include a lighting ceremony from Times Square. A recorded message from Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. And concerts featuring famous singers from across the country India.

Basin said that even on a smaller scale. He hoped the celebrations could add importance to the festival. The triumph of light over darkness, especially since the closure caused so much stress and isolation.

“Covid-19 is the greatest evil right now, but we have realized that we need to defeat it by following the rules and regulations as we continue to celebrate to lift the spirits not just of our Indo-American community but of all those who do can now take part in the celebrations. “, he said.

All over the country in Belmont, California. Instead of celebrating a vacation, former US MasterChef candidate Hetal Vasavada says he will visit Zoom with his family. You will celebrate with aid packages mailed with artisanal specialties like gulab jamun bundt cake and orange frozen tutti frutti biscuits, a combination of Indian and Western flavors.

33-year-old Vasavada celebrates the Christmas tradition of eating snacks (sweets) not only with her treatment packages but also with the Diwali dessert book published last month to help people come together over lunch. Absence of personal celebrations.

The digital cookbook inspired one of its readers, Diya Basu, to make deliveries. She said she made four different recipes in nine hours to make 15 colorful boxes of mithai for her friends.

“Diwali is such a bright time of year with so many colors, decorations, and sweets,” he said. “I wanted to bring some of that joy to those who I normally would be.

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