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Electric Guitar Buying Guide: Things You Need To Know About

Have you ever looked at someone with a vibrant guitar and wished to buy one? What’s stopping you?

Here’s a complete guide for buying an electric guitar.

Electric Guitar Buying Guide: Why choose an electric Guitar

  • Ecoustic guitars are less tricky to play than acoustic guitars, and newbies are less likely to quit.
  • You can regulate your volume with an electric guitar to practice in silence. 
  • Electric guitars enable you to experiment with sound, thus giving you a wide range of music choices.
  • The strings of an electric guitar are softer than that of an acoustic guitar. 
  • Electric guitars weigh less than acoustic guitars, making them easy to handle. 

Steps to buying your electric guitar

Electric Guitar Buying Guide: Things You Need To Know About - Trending Update News

Choose what type of guitar you want – electric or electric acoustic

Players have to plug electric guitars in for them to sound good. You can customize the tone and play different music styles with an electric guitar.

Acoustic guitars sound good with or without an amp but offer limited toning options. These guitars work well with soft rock and pop music. 

Various features of an electric guitar

Size- Electric guitar comes in various sizes, so you should handle the guitar and see if you are comfortable.

Body & Shape- Electric guitars have three body types: solid, hollow, and semi-hollow. The shape of an electric guitar affects its sound and look. 

Fret- Most electric guitars have 21 or 22 frets, but some have 24. The number of frets affects the sound of an electric guitar.

Neck- Ensure that the neck is straight or ask a professional. Curves in its neck make it hard to play. 

Pickup- Electric guitars need a pickup to convert string vibrations into electricity. 

Decide your budget

Decide your budget range now and stick to it. Several electric guitars are affordable and ideal for beginners, so always begin with a cheap budget and make your way up as you learn. 

Consider trying it in person before you buy

Instead of feeling overwhelmed due to variables like fret, neck, pickup, play the guitar yourself and understand how it makes you feel while playing it. 

Where to buy a guitar

Electric Guitar Buying Guide: Things You Need To Know About - Trending Update News

Always visit the shop instead of purchasing online when buying an electric guitar. Carry a list of your favorite songs/music and artists while going to the shop so that the salesperson can understand your music preferences and suggest a guitar accordingly.

Buy accessories

Guitar amps: For newbies, a practice amp is sufficient. Blues, rock and pop enthusiasts should go for a two-channel amp.

Guitar tuner: A plugin tuner is a crucial accessory for any electric guitar.

Guitar picks: Picks are accessories used to strum the strings. They come in various sizes, but medium pics are ideal for beginners. 

Guitar straps: A guitar strap allows you to hold the instrument in place while standing or walking.

Guitar strings: Always buy extra strings for your guitar because you need to change them periodically.

Guitar case or Bag: A guitar case allows travel with your instrument and protects it from environmental damage.

Guitar Hanger: A guitar hanger allows you to hang a guitar on the wall, making it look like a beautiful accessory.

Buying new v.s used guitars

Electric Guitar Buying Guide: Things You Need To Know About - Trending Update News

With a new guitar, you can get a warranty, the latest technology, and a fresh start. A used guitar is more affordable and looks vintage. If you choose a used guitar, pay attention to all its parts’ wear and tear. However, if you are motivated to learn, go for a new guitar.

Ready to play your new guitar?

Now that you know the ins and outs of buying an electric guitar, you can make an informed choice. You will experience the satisfaction of having purchased an electric guitar only when you play it. Go ahead, make mistakes, experiment with different styles and tones but don’t forget to have fun. At some point, you will discover the music style that suits you the best.

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