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Netflix has a new season of the Spanish teen show “Elite.” Let’s learn about the actors and their roles in Season 7.

The show happens at a made-up school called Las Encinas High School. It’s about three students who got scholarships to study there. They want to fit in with the rich kids.

“Elite” talks about important things like sexuality and identity, which most teen shows don’t. People love it a lot. It has a super high rating of 93% on Rotten Tomatoes.

What’s cool about the show is that it has two timelines in each season. This makes the story interesting because things happen in both timelines. Fans always want to know what’s going to happen next.

Elite Season 7 Cast, Characters and Actors

In the show, there’s a character named Omar Shanaa, and he’s played by Omar Ayuso. Omar’s story is all about him coming to terms with who he is. He’s a young man who is homosexual, which means he’s attracted to other men. But it’s hard for him because his family is very conservative and follows the Muslim faith.

Omar is originally from Palestine, and he really wants his family to accept him for who he is. But to avoid problems, he keeps a lot of his life a secret from them.

In Season 7, Omar goes to college, but he’s still dealing with the pain of losing his friend Samuel. He starts going to therapy, and he even takes on an internship that makes him confront his past.

“Elite” is the most important role in Omar Ayuso’s career so far. He’s also going to be in his first movie called “8 Años,” but we don’t know when it will come out yet.

Valentina Zenere – Isadora Artiñán

In Season 5, we meet Isadora Artiñán, played by Valentina Zenere. Isadora is from Argentina and comes from a wealthy family. But when she was young, she felt like her family didn’t pay much attention to her.

She discovers the nightclub scene and starts working her way up as a DJ. She becomes really popular and even gets the nickname “Empress of Ibiza.” Isadora is also an important character because she’s one of the most visible transgender characters on the show. She goes through some tough times, like surviving a terrible experience.

Valentina Zenere is known not just for acting but also for her singing career. She was on Disney Channel Latin America, where she played the role of Ámbar Smith, who was the antagonist in the show “Soy Luna.”

André Lamoglia – Iván Carvalho

André Lamoglia plays a significant supporting role in the “Elite” cast. He portrays Iván Carvalho, a character from Brazil. Iván’s father is a famous soccer player from Portugal. He first appears in Season 5 and continues to be part of the story.

André Lamoglia is well-recognized for his work in Spanish-language shows like “Bia,” “Bia: Un mundo al revés,” and he’s also set to appear in the upcoming series “Blood & Water.”

Carloto Cotta – Cruz Carvalho

Iván’s father, Cruz Carvalho, who is known as a famous Portuguese soccer player in both Season 5 and Season 6 of “Elite,” is portrayed by the talented actor Carloto Cotta.

Carloto Cotta is a well-known Portuguese actor, highly respected in his home country. He is most famous for his roles in films such as “Arena,” “Tabu,” “Frankie,” and “You Won’t Be Alone.”

Adam Nourou – Bilal Ibrahim

In Season 5, we meet Adam Nourou’s character, Bilal Ibrahim. Bilal is a man who used to be homeless and doesn’t have much of a known background. He comes from the African country Comoros, and he has a Tanzanian grandfather. Now, he works at Isadora’s House.

Adam Nourou is a 20-year-old actor from France. Besides his role in “Elite,” he has appeared in other shows and movies like “Turf,” “I’m All Yours,” and “Adu.” He’s been a part of this series for 12 episodes.

Álvaro de Juana – Dídac

In Season 5 of “Elite,” Álvaro de Juana plays a character named Dídac, who is a student at Las Encinas. Dídac is the one who discovers that Isadora was telling the truth about her rape. They become friends and collaborate together.

Apart from his role in “Elite,” Álvaro de Juana is most recognized for his extensive work in over 500 episodes of the show “Amar en tiempos revueltos.” He also had a more recent role in “HIT” in 2021.

Ander Puig – Nico Fernández

Ander Puig plays the character Nicolás Alfonso Fernández de Velasco Viveros, also known as Nico, in “Elite.” Nico is a transgender character who has undergone gender affirmation surgery and is introduced in Season 6. Most of the students at Las Encinas support him, although there are a few who don’t.

Ander Puig has limited credits outside of his role in “Elite. He appears in two other works: “Ser o no ser” and “Alive and Kicking.”

Carmen Arrufat – Sara

In “Elite” Season 6, Carmen Arrufat plays the character Sara, who becomes one of the main antagonists. She gains a big following on social media because of her relationship with her boyfriend, Raúl.

In Season 7, she wants to reveal Raúl’s abusive behavior after it comes to light. However, in her quest for justice, she ends up hurting many other people.

Carmen Arrufat has also appeared in the series “Todos mienten” for 11 episodes, and she had roles in shows like “HIT” and “Diarios de la cuarentena” with multiple episodes.

Alex Pastrana – Raúl

Alex Pastrana plays the character Raúl in “Elite.” Raúl is a popular influencer who goes to Las Encinas and has an on-and-off relationship with Sara.

In Season 7, Raúl doesn’t show any remorse for his wrongdoings. He starts dating Sara’s friend Chloe and even engages in slut-shaming, which upsets Chloe’s mother when she learns about it.

Aside from his role in “Elite,” Alex Pastrana also takes on a supporting role as Ulises in another show called “Welcome to Eden.”

Ana Bokesa – Rocío

Ana Bokesa plays the character Rocío in “Elite.” In Season 6, Rocío is a character with African heritage and culture. She shows an interest in this cultural background, flirting with Bilal and listening to stories about him and his friends who left Africa to come to Spain, experiencing the challenges that came with that journey.

Additionally, Ana Bokesa is recognized for her role in the short film titled “2091.”

Nadia Al Saidi – Sonia

Nadia Al Saidi plays the character Sonia in “Elite.” In the series, Sonia is often seen with Nico and Ari before Nico and Ari become a couple. She supports Ari when she decides to have an abortion after finding out she’s pregnant.

Nadia Al Saidi has also appeared in other shows like “Cómo mandarlo todo a la mierda” and “La caza. Monteperdido,” but her role in “Elite” is her most prominent role to date.

Fernando Líndez – Joel

In “Elite” Season 7, Fernando Líndez appears as Joel, a character who is known for being very down-to-earth and taking life as it comes. He’s focused on holding onto his dreams for as long as possible.

Fernando Líndez has previously worked on several shows, including multiple episodes in series such as “Escándalo, relato de una obsesión,” “Skam España,” and “Aitana: Nada sale mal.” His role in “Elite” is a significant addition to his acting career.

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