Gaslit Season 2: Confirmed Release Date, Did The Show Finally Get Renewed

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Posted On: June 22, 2023


There’s a highly popular show called “Gaslit” currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Fans of the show are eagerly waiting for the release date of Season 2. If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re also curious about when the next season of “Gaslit” will be available.

Don’t worry, because we’re here to provide you with all the details about “Gaslit.” If you want more in-depth information, please read this article. And if you find this article helpful, we would greatly appreciate your feedback. Your feedback means a lot to us.

Gaslit Season 2 Cast

  • Julia Roberts as Martha Mitchell
  • Sean Penn as John N. Mitchell
  • Dan Stevens as John Dean
  • Betty Gilpin as Mo Dean
  • Shea Whigham as G. Gordon Liddy
  • Darby Camp as Marty Mitchell
  • Aleksandar Filimonović as Zolton

Gaslit Season 2 Release Date

The future of “Gaslit” depends on the success of its first season. If the show gets renewed in the near future, fans can anticipate the release of Season 2 in 2024.

What is the Plot of Gaslit Season 2?

The new series “Gaslit” falls under the political thriller genre. In Season 1, the storyline revolves around various stories. We will witness the life story of Richard Nixon and his team, including both fanatical followers and whistleblowers. Additionally, the series will focus on Martha Mitchell, who will gain fame and recognition as Richard Nixon’s wife.

Story from Season 1 of Gaslit

“Gaslit” is a captivating mini-series directed by Matt Ross. Based on true events in American history, it offers a unique retelling of the story. Caroline James and Gregg Tilson produced this fresh perspective on the Watergate affair of the 1970s.

The series was inspired by the podcast “Slow Burn” and showcases the dramatic performances of the individuals involved in the scandal.

Season 1 of “Gaslit” premiered on April 24, 2022. It consists of eight episodes, with each episode running for approximately an hour and a half. Are you ready to delve deeper into the Watergate scandal?

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In the series, Julia Roberts portrays Martha Mitchell, the first whistleblower in the Watergate affair. The focus remains on her character throughout the mini-series.

“Gaslit” serves as a reminder of the unfolding events of the scandal. It pays tribute to the people whose lives were affected or changed by the Watergate scandal, rather than reliving the trauma.

This series is incredibly important to watch due to its gripping plot, the historical significance of the situation that led to a President’s downfall, the complex yet authentic characters, and the well-crafted direction and engaging conversations.

Where Can I Watch Season 2 Of Gaslit?

You can now watch the first season of “Gaslit” on STARZ and Amazon Prime Video. When Season 2 is released, it will also be available for viewing on Amazon Prime Video. To watch this series on Amazon Prime Video, you will need a Lionsgate Play add-on membership added to your Amazon account.

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