Gucci VS JEEZY: Everything you need to know about the Gucci VS JEEZY Versuz battle

Gucci VS JEEZY: Tonight is the first battle of Verzuz. Everything before today’s hit series Verzuz was a lot of fun, but it wasn’t exactly a fight (unless you relied on Teddy Riley to bring his sound system). The spy dogs haven’t even touched DMX. Monica was just looking at Brady and I’m willing to bet that Glynz Knight or Patti Lampel showed up for the music committee meeting with a cake.

But on Thursday at 8 p.m. ET, two of America’s best trampolines will take part in the biggest battle since Lil David the sheep god killed Goliath, much to the disappointment of the Big G crew in Philadelphia (the Philistines didn’t know the Wanted to remove slingshot. Yes, Jeezy vs. Gucci Mane promises to be the battle of Verzuz we’ve been waiting for.

We have real beef tonight.

During her 15 years in the rap game, Mane’s relationship with the artist known as Young had grown from a collaborative friendship to a rap controversy and ultimately real corpses.

To prepare our readers for today’s vacation, we wanted to answer any questions about this long-awaited confrontation.

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Gucci VS JEEZY: Who is Gucci Mane?

Gucci VS JEEZY: Everything you need to know about the Gucci VS JEEZY Versuz battle | Trending Update News

Radric Delantic Davis is a 40-year-old recording artist born in Bessemer, Alabama, who has always been a favorite in one of America’s most dangerous cities. Gucci Mane moved to Atlanta at the age of 9, where he changed his life after being arrested for selling unauthorized drugs. Since gaining public attention by working with another promising young rapper, Jay Wayne Jenkins, Gucci has released 13 studio albums and over 75 mixes.

Who is Jeezy?

Gucci VS JEEZY: Everything you need to know about the Gucci VS JEEZY Versuz battle | Trending Update News


Jay Wayne Jenkins is a 43-year-old artist who was born in Colombia. Like Gucci, Jeezy moved to Atlanta at a young age and also got into trap music after entering the underground pharmaceutical industry. Eventually, he released nine studio albums and 18 mixtapes.

Who is more successful?

It depends on who you ask. Jeezy certainly had more commercial success, but Gucci Mane releases an album every 13 days.

Weren’t they friends?

Yes, her first success came from her collaboration on Gucci Mane’s Black Tee.

So what happened

Well, the two worked together on another hit, “So Icy”. Everyone liked the song, but there was controversy over which artist had the song. Since Gucci’s debut album came out a month before Jeezy’s debut studio album, Gucci included it in their release.

The song’s last three minutes are basically Jeezy giving a big talk, including the $ 10,000 reward offered for the Gucci Mane “Icy” necklace. Gucci responded by labeling Jeezy a “fake” on “Round 1”.

And so it started.

Oh, so it’s a rap beef?

No brother. A few weeks later, one of Jeezy’s friends, Henry Lee Clark III, broke into the Gucci Mane home and died. Maine surrendered to authorities but ultimately won the case when prosecutors dismissed the charges for lack of evidence.

After Gucci was charged with yet another assault, he teamed up with DJ Drama, a frequent contributor to Jeezy, and former Jeezy K coach to bring about The State vs. Gucci’s most successful album, Radric Davis.

Aside from the dead guy, it still sounds like a rap beef.

Yes, but apart from the dead, Pontius Pilate would be a hero.

However, after further disagreements, the two called for a truce and reportedly did some songs together. Then her friends had an argument in a clothing store, then there was more meat.

He wasn’t ashamed of their mutual disdain, but Jeezy started wearing suits, Gucci got married, and they both acted like adults. After Jay initially accepted a fight with T.I., he decided to face his enemy. Since they agreed, no one has claimed the meat was dead, but neither have they claimed that it was not dead.

So what happens tonight?

Listen, no matter what you think of meat, these two guys are undeniable legends in trap music. Tonight, all the guys under the Mason Dixon line are going to watch this game.

It’s like the labyrinth fighting the wind and fire of the earth. It’s Atlanta Tupac versus Atlanta Biggie. It is the male version of Shirley vs. Barbara. This is the southern version of Nas vs. Jay Z. And most of all, whatever happens.

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