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Wednesday, January 25, 2023
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How Disciplined Agile Delivery Framework Streamlines IT Operations of an Enterprise

Agile development teams have been practicing developing agile frameworks and other related practices for a long time. One such framework is Disciplined Agile, which has arrived from the collection of diverse frameworks, like lean software development and scrum development.  Disciplined Agile Delivery refers to the solution delivery part of the entire DA framework, and it supports many full delivery life cycles.

Basic Principles of DAD Framework 

A disciplined agile delivery framework works on the following core principles-

  • Customer Satisfaction

A certified disciplined agile coach has mentioned that customer satisfaction is a critical aspect for the long-term success of an organization. Hence, developers responsible for agile transformation must consider the customers right from the initial development stage. Simultaneously, every business must acquire feedback after deployment to retain customer satisfaction.

  • Engaging and Motivational Solutions

Agile leaders must focus on developing an engaging and motivational DAD framework. Simultaneously, experts must focus on retaining the product quality to gain trust among teams in a big organization. 

  • Consideration of Individual Entity

An organization consists of individuals and an enterprise is a unique entity. Indeed, it has unique operation goals and ways to accomplish tasks. However, an enterprise must consider the environmental effect on an individual entity, as entities affect one another.   

  • Promote the Selection of the Right Strategy

An exciting aspect of the disciplined agile toolkit is that it always encourages individuals to select a strategy that gives optimum benefits based on underlying circumstances. This will promote a middle ground between experimental approaches and perspective ones. In this way, agile training teams get a structured set of available options. 

  • Optimization in the Workflow 

Disciplined agile development optimizes the workflow by assuring the work is in progress and clearly defining the success metrics. Moreover, it visualizes the workflow, eliminates wastage, and allows regular experimentation followed by improvement. Besides, an agile coach operating the DAD framework focuses on sustainable and stable teams with less possible employee turnover. 

Phases of a DAD Framework

There are three different disciplined agile delivery phases, and each of them indicates a specific stage of a product. 


The inception phase includes the upfront work at the starting of a development process. It includes a few envisioning activities to frame a particular project and mention its purpose. Individuals with disciplined agile delivery certification recommend mentioning the inception phase briefly. 


The construction phase of disciplined agile delivery creates products available for increments. Agile training teams implement hybrid agile methods, like agile data, scrum, and agile modeling, to develop the solution.  


The transition phase consists of deploying the particular product to its stakeholders. The phase must be as short as possible. 

Once the transition phase completes, the cycle restarts from the product inception and continues up to another new lifecycle.

Life Cycles of Disciplined Agile Delivery Framework

The disciplined agile delivery framework has six different life cycles, and in each lifecycle, three phases have different characteristics. These are as follows-

  • Basic agile lifecycle, which includes iteration or scrum-based project life cycle
  • Lean lifecycle, which involves Kanban-based project
  • Continuous delivery agile lifecycle, which has evolved from basic or agile lifecycle
  • Continuous delivery lean lifecycle, which has relatively short iterations and frequent releases
  • Exploratory lifecycle and 
  • Program lifecycle

Significance of Disciplined Agile Delivery Framework

Tailor the Best Agile Practices 

The DAD framework of Agile offers process-oriented trade-offs and options. Furthermore, it guides teams to tailor the best practices in Agile for dealing with many use cases. DAD teams always remain self-organized to stimulate a productive environment and allow cross-functional collaboration.

Addresses Various Matters 

DAD agile framework addresses various matters, like responsibilities, leadership, change management, and requirements. It also considers architecture, tools, documentation, design, programming, testing, and deployment.

Supports Scaling of Agile and Lean Methods

When you implement DAD procedures, you may improve collaboration without mandatory procedures. The agile method supports scaling of Agile and Lean methods in many ways, which include- 

  • Its complete delivery life cycle applies agile methods in various companies and business enterprises.
  • The framework follows a goal-driven approach to give enough flexibility to deal with the challenges of an agile team working at a particular scale. 
  • It creates diverse foundational concepts of Agile required at different scales. These are explicit agile governance, DevOps, and enterprise awareness. 


Disciplined Agile Framework includes everything an enterprise needs for its operation. Moreover, it allows users to adjust agile methods based on the needs of an organization to obtain possible outcomes. Overall, the agile framework streamlines the IT operations of a business and allows scaling with minimum risk of failure. 

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