How many Blockchain Community projects are underway in India?


Blockchain Community is a collaboration of industry experts and technocrats to harness potential technologies such as AI and Blockchain that can integrate the 11 traditional companies selected for their original initiative: healthcare, education, banking and finance, services, and e. – The commercial sector, the hospitality sector, the information technology sector, the supply chain sector in online payments known as the payment gateway.

Projects running under Blockchain Community India

Blockchain Community India carries out its projects in different titles, namely: Blockchain and AI in education, Blockchain and AI in banking and finance, Blockchain and AI in information technology and e-commerce, Blockchain and AI in healthcare, Blockchain and AI in hospitals, Blockchain and AI in the supply chain.
It typically works to transform all of these areas with its functioning. Blockchain is a technology that helps maintain and improve transparency in education, banking, and finance, as well as e-commerce and healthcare. It would also help reduce users’ overall fingerprints, as blockchain technology allows you to access all user data without knowing who the user is. This will bring better and more secure systems into this world and help implement better IT infrastructure.

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Blockchain and AI in Education:

This would help improve the overall functioning of schools and universities by reducing administrative costs and giving teachers a better understanding of each student. Furthermore, it would be helpful to collect the best course content suitable for each student based on their learning pace and IQ level. It will also help reduce the overall maintenance costs of these schools. This will improve the overall security of the IT infrastructure of schools and universities and help improve their operations. The possibilities with AI and blockchain are limitless.

Blockchain and AI in banking and finance:
Blockchain Community

In the banking and financial system, higher security systems are the first improvement that AI and blockchain would bring. It would also help improve your infrastructure. Again, this would help improve financial products and help bankers deliver better products to their customers based on their past usage. It will also help improve the creditworthiness criteria of banks and financial institutions. They will be able to judge the person long before their history and that of their employees and will be able to judge better whether or not to lend to these people. Blockchain Community India

Blockchain and AI in IT and e-commerce: Blockchain and AI are promising for the world of information technology and e-commerce. With the development of artificial intelligence, the relevant infrastructure also improves and thus improves the entire IT infrastructure in terms of performance and security. This system performance improvement, in turn, improves the customer experience as the system works even during peak hours. Furthermore, it holds great promise for e-commerce as it could gather data from various sources and suggest better products. And improve the overall end-user experience. It would also help these e-commerce companies improve their logistics. And delivery system, and reduce overheads by providing recommendations such as shorter distances and faster response times.

Blockchain and AI in the healthcare sector:

Blockchain and AI will improve health systems by ensuring transparency and a decentralized system. This would help the healthcare community better predict patient treatment. Patient records would be easily accessible via linked systems. These individuals can access these records and view family history to proactively learn about any health risks that may harm the patient and take precautionary measures. There is great potential for AI and blockchain in the health and artificial intelligence department.

Blockchain and AI in hospitals: Blockchain and AI improve the general functioning of the hospital. It could provide health indicators for each patient through smart apps. It would protect patients’ medical records by providing a more secure and stable system. Furthermore, it would help hospitals reduce the total cost of ownership and train fewer managers as all the work would be automated and fewer people would have to do it. They would also help create smart intensive care units and emergency rooms for hospitalized patients.

Blockchain and AI in the supply chain: Blockchain and AI provide a fairly transparent system in the supply chain system. In this way, the data between them could not be tampered with. Furthermore, blockchain and AI help implement intelligent systems along the entire value chain. And, at the right time, suppliers send the product acquisition and send it to manufacturers to reduce waste.

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