How to Make Virtual Sales Meeting Engaging

With virtual sales meetings, you can turn your attendees into your customers. Therefore, virtual sales meetings should be well-thought and well planned. According to the studies, more engagement during the event results in a higher success ratio. The selection of the right virtual meeting platform also plays an integral role in increasing engagement levels. This article provides you with some brilliant virtual sales meeting ideas to make the virtual meeting more engaging.

Carefully Curate Your Message

According to a few studies, people tend to forget most of the things you say during the event after 48 hours have passed. Therefore, rather than trying to make all your content impactful, you should focus on creating some content that can impact the minds of the listeners. Make sure that the attendees are able to remember and retain this impactful content. This will help you get the right message across and focus their attention towards the message you want to convey. Moreover, this will help you increase your sales significantly as the attendees will act on the basis of the message they remember. Since the main focus of the virtual event is to induce the attendees to turn into customers. Therefore, while virtual event planning, you should make sure that your message is rewarding, focused, and actionable.

Conduct Q&A Sessions

It is very well known that virtual attendees have a lot of distractions in front of them that can lead them to lose interest in the event quicker than in-person attendees. Therefore, it is very important to hold the attention of your attendees. Remember, they are your potential customers and for you to get your message across, you need to ensure that they stay attentive during the event. Q&A sessions have a very high potential for keeping the attendees engaged and alert. Therefore, you should look for a virtual event solution provider who provides engagement features like Q&A sessions. In addition to the above, addressing the attendees by their names can make them jump out of their chairs and stay alert at all times.

Solve Their Problems

Never forget that the attendees of your virtual sales meeting are actually your potential customers and you need to induce them into buying your products and services. This makes it even more crucial for you to solve their problems. To make this possible, you must first conduct pre-event polls to identify the problems faced by your target audience. You can also send them emails containing survey forms and ask them to fill them. Make sure that the content of the sales meeting is focused on solving their problems. This will help increase your sales and facilitate the decision-making of the attendees.

Add Games to Your Meeting

We all know that most people like playing online games making them one of the best ways to boost engagement levels. Moreover, it also allows the attendees to network with the hosts and other attendees. Gamifying your sales meeting can help significantly boost the engagement levels and add a fun and competitive element too. You can either add the games provided by the virtual event platform or add the games of your choice.

Include a Leaderboard Challenge

A leaderboard challenge can help increase the attendee engagement. Moreover, it can help add a fun element to your virtual sales meeting. It also helps develop healthy competition and the feeling of excitement among the attendees. In addition to this, you can also add reward points to the winners. It will also help increase the alertness and attention of the attendees. Other than this, you can also appreciate and reward the top attendees. You can calculate this depending on the participation level and the drop-off rates of the attendees. Some other key metrics that help track attendee engagement levels are the time spent at the event and the attendee footprinting.

Give Discount Vouchers and Reward Points

Giving discount vouchers and reward points to the top attendees of the event and the winners of online games, quizzes, or other contests conducted during the event. This helps amp up the excitement levels of the attendees and increase their alertness and achieve your objectives. You can provide a subscription to popular platforms or shopping sites as a reward. Other than this, you can also provide them with gift vouchers and discount coupons. This will help increase attendee engagement. You can also promote your products and services by providing the top participants with exclusive discounts on them.

Use an Ice-breaker

While planning your virtual sales meeting, you must remember that the people attending the meet are strangers to each other. They could be hesitant to speak initially making it difficult for you to establish attendee networking and generate develop an interactive environment. Therefore, you should plan the ice-breaking activities that you will use during the event well before the actual event. Moreover, this activity can help you understand their problems and concerns.

Include Live Polls

Most of the virtual event experts bet on live polls being a great tool to boost attendee engagement. Conducting live polls helps you identify the choices and preferences of the customers. Moreover, you can also check their attention levels through live polls. This can further help you make the necessary amends for future events.

Take Feedback

Taking attendee feedback helps build trust with them and establish a connection. Studies show that asking people for feedback makes them feel like you value their opinions and care for them. You must have now realized the importance of taking feedback. Therefore, you must look for features like feedback forms and signature walls in a virtual event platform. This will help you identify the areas that need improvement and make necessary corrections to increase the success ratio of your event.

Final Words

Keeping your attendees engaged and entertained throughout the virtual sales meeting is the key to hosting a successful virtual event. The ways mentioned in this article will help you get deeper insights into how to make your sales meeting more engaging.

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