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Friday, January 27, 2023
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How to Play the Dream 11 Tips and Tricks

How to Play the Dream 11: If you are getting into Dream11 for the first time, you might have come across “Head-to-Head” contests. In this contest, you will go all-in against a single fantasy user. The entry fee and the winning prize vary accordingly for each match. If it is an international match or a final of any domestic tournament, we can expect high entry as well as a high winning prize. This type of contest is always worthy because there is a 50 percent chance of you winning the contest.

However, before joining any of such contests, you must know a few easy tricks as it will come in handy and of course, the ultimate aim is to win.

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Know your match

You shouldn’t simply join any of the matches because there is a high chance that you might end up losing money. It is always better to join the match which you are very confident of winning.

How to Play the Dream 11Research

There are several portals and Telegram channel that offers you the tips for the fantasy teams where you can also learn about the conditions. If you want to do your own research, you can always follow major websites like ESPN Cricinfo which has its own stats portal. Also, it is important to keep yourself updated on the ongoing series or tournament.

Know your opponent

Before joining any of the contest, click on the contest and go through the profile of your opponent. If you are a beginner and if your opponent is an expert in Dream11, your chances of winning is certainly low.

Join a contest earlier

Another important thing is that you should join the contest hours before the match and must make sure to change the team accordingly once the line-up has been announced. If you join a contest early, there is a slight chance that your opponent might have not updated the teams based on the line-ups. Thereby, you will have an upper hand.

Picking the team
How to Play the Dream 11 Tips and Tricks - Trending Update News
Picking the team

The most important thing to keep in mind is that your fantasy team is all about winning and not about finding the right balance in the playing XI. You can go ahead with more number of batsmen or bowlers if you think that they would perform today. Usually, it is safer to pick more all-rounders as they can grab us points from both fronts. Also, you should join the contest with your perfect team rather than the risky one.

Picking your captain

While it is good to take the risk when it comes to the captain, you must keep in mind to go with players who are real match-winners and are those who rarely fails. Taking risk might not always work when it comes to a Head-to-Head contest.

Follow the match live

The most important factor is that you must watch the match live or at least follow the live commentary. Sometimes, the numbers lie.

Luck factor

You must understand that fantasy cricket is 80 percent of your hard work and effort while 20 percent is based on the luck factor. Nobody can predict what can happen on a particular day. Thus, it is better to invest in different contests with a small entry fee rather than investing all your cash in a single contest.

The above tips might help our readers and fans fetch more extra money on the dream 11 predictions for today’s match application. We hope that you enjoyed this post from ours.

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