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Saturday, January 28, 2023
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How to Prepare and Improve the Value to Commission a Portrait Painting

Whenever you think of creating a fine art portrait, there are many images that come to your mind. These are a small child, a retired person, a loving family, and similar others. Most of the portraits commemorate milestones only. However, passionate artists may use anything to commission a portrait painting. These experts create portraiture of a person’s achievements or highlights but also other emotional moments of humans. 

However, the question is how one can commission a portrait. The answer is commissioning any portrait involves an individual decision. The positive aspect is that there is no wrong time related to portrait commission. Only, one has to understand the value of a portrait painting. 

What is a Portrait?

The portrait is a unique piece of art cherished by individuals and their family members for many generations. A famous portrait painter designs this type of artwork to capture a special phase in the life of a subject.

An interesting aspect of a portrait is that one cannot value it in cents and dollars. Instead, one can determine the value of a portrait painting only by the people who love the person highlighted in the painting. In other words, a portrait painting’s wow factor is independent of the cost associated with its creation. The existence of this beautiful art piece is due to the existence of your loved ones.

How to Prepare a Portrait

Commission a fine art painting needs an appealing portrait. A beautiful portrait involves the collaboration of an expert artist and each painting has unique features. One can work with a portrait painter or artist to determine the attire, background, or ideal pose needed for the portrait. Any famous painter recommends choosing classic attire instead of a trendy one. Doing so will keep an art piece timeless.

How One Can Give Value to Portrait Paintings 

Photography and portraiture are two wonderful vehicles to capture special moments of near and dear ones. However, both work in different ways, as a snapshot only captures only one second of a person’s life. In contrast, a painted portrait is a relatively long and profound process. A portrait captures the special features of the person you love. Accordingly-

Involves Study of Hundreds of Photos related to a Subject

Creating outstanding portraits requires some time and each artist adopts a separate process. Good artists take more than hundreds of photos related to the subject and pore them to identify nuances related to individual personalities. Based on detailed study only, artists find something genuine and authentic in their subjects. In this way, artists may capture true beauty associated with the selected subject on the canvas. Artists associated with a fine art painting mat capture a particular version of the person you love and you miss a lot. While investing in a personal capturing the personality of your loved one, it becomes a memory to cherish and admire forever. 

Light Illusions based on Color Combinations and Tonal Values 

Artists often use different tonal values and color combinations to create light illusions. In this situation, one can determine the portrait value based on its light or dark color. One can understand values well while visualizing them as a gradient or scale from a dark shade to a light one. Tones are crucial for portrait paintings, as they emphasize shadows, details, balance, and other aspects related to a portrait. When an image has more tonal variants, it has low contrast. Value plays a vital role to display light and texture in arts.


Traditional portraits designed by a famous portrait painter create personal statements. Portraits are investments, which later become family traditions, as beloved family paintings increase investments in portraits.

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