How To Turn On Ghost Mode On Life360?

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Posted On: September 5, 2023


If you have the Life360 app on your phone and you’re in a group, your location will be seen by everyone in the group when you move around.

Plus, the location updates happen very quickly.

Many people put Life360 on their phones because their parents, friends, or family ask them to, and sometimes they can’t remove the app.

But not everyone likes being tracked. If you want to keep your location private from others in the group, use Life360’s ghost mode or fake your GPS location.

To turn on ghost mode on the Life360 app, you need to install and enable the Fake GPS Location Spoofing app. Open the app, select any location of your choice, and start spoofing. Now the spoofed location will reflect on Life360.

In this article, you’ll learn How To Turn On Ghost Mode On Life360.

What Does Life360 Ghost Mode Mean?

Ghost mode in Life360 is when you trick the app into showing a different location instead of your real one.

Ghost mode isn’t an official feature in the Life360 app. Instead, we’ll use other apps to do it. There are many apps available in the App Store and Play Store that can help you hide and fake your GPS location.

Here’s how it works: Life360 gets your location from GPS, sends it to their server, and shares it with your circle.

When you successfully fake your GPS location, Life360 will pick up that fake location and show it to everyone in your circle or group.

So, when you use a spoofed location, others in your circle will see it as your current location in the Life360 app.

If you try to turn off the Internet or switch off your phone, it won’t work because you’ll either get a “no network” message or your circle icon will turn gray. This means those methods won’t hide your location.

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Can You Spoof/Fake the Life360 Location?

Yes, you’re absolutely right. Since Life360 gets your location data from GPS, if you fake your GPS location on your phone, it will trick Life360 into displaying that fake location. So, indeed, it is possible to fake your location on Life360 in this way.

There are many apps available that can help you spoof your GPS location.

It’s important to note that spoofing your GPS location is different from using a VPN. When you use a VPN, it changes your IP address but doesn’t alter your GPS location. To change your GPS location on Life360, you’ll need to use specific GPS location spoofing apps.

How To Turn On Ghost Mode On Life360?

To activate ghost mode on Life360, you have to fake your GPS location, and there are different ways to do this on your phone. Here’s a simple guide using an app:

  • Open the Google Play Store.
  • Search for ‘GPS Spoofer.’
  • Install the ‘Fake GPS Location Spoofer’ app.
  • Open your device Settings.
  • Tap About Phone.
  • Tap Software Information.
  • Tap the Build Number in your phone’s settings 7 times to activate developer options.
  • Once developer options are enabled, go back to Settings and tap on Developer Options.
  • Under the Location section, select “Select mock location app.”
  • Choose the name of the app you installed earlier, which is ‘Fake GPS Location Spoofer.’
  • Now, open the Fake GPS Location Spoofer app.
  • The blue marker on the map represents your current location.
  • Move the black crosshair marker to the location you want to display in Life360.
  • After selecting the location, tap the blue play button in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • A popup will appear; tap “CONTINUE WITH ADS.”
  • You’ll receive a notification stating, “Mock Location is on.”
  • Your GPS location is now successfully spoofed.
  • The same faked GPS location will appear on Life360 until you stop it.

It’s important to note that when you use the GPS spoofing method described, it not only affects Life360 but also all other apps on your phone, such as Google Maps. They will all use the spoofed location as if it were your actual location.

To maintain the spoofed location, keep the GPS spoofing app running in the background for as long as you want to use it. When you’re done, you can stop the app, and your phone’s GPS will revert to your real location, which will also update in Life360.

Please be aware that when ghost mode is enabled, the ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) feature in apps like Life360 may no longer work correctly, as it relies on accurate location information.

Will Others Know If You Turn On Ghost Mode On Life360?

You’re absolutely correct. The key to maintaining a successful ghost mode on Life360 is using a stable GPS location spoofing app. If the app you use for spoofing occasionally drops the spoofed location and switches between your actual and fake location, it becomes more noticeable to others in your circle. This inconsistency can indeed raise suspicions and make it obvious that you’re using ghost mode.

For a discreet ghost mode experience, it’s crucial to choose a reliable location spoofing app that maintains a stable fake location until you intentionally change it. This way, you’re less likely to arouse suspicion among the people in your Life360 circle.

Should You Change Life360 Location?

Many people don’t like being tracked, and sometimes parents insist their children install Life360 on their phones. If you don’t want to share your real location with others in the circle, you might consider using ghost mode on Life360.

However, there are some drawbacks to spoofing your Life360 location. If you’re in an accident or get stuck somewhere, your parents or others in the circle won’t be able to locate you. This could make it challenging for them to find you when needed.

Before you decide to turn on ghost mode on Life360, it’s important to think carefully about the consequences and only use it if it’s absolutely necessary for your situation.

What’s Next?

Once you’ve successfully spoofed your Life360 location, everyone in your circle will see the fake location you’ve chosen instead of your actual one.

It’s important to understand that spoofing your GPS location will impact all the apps on your phone that rely on GPS. This means that even if you use apps like Google Maps, they will display the spoofed location as your real one.

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