Is The Christmas Chronicles 3 Confirmed Or Not?

Posted By: Shweta Khandal

Posted On: August 30, 2023


Is there going to be a Christmas Chronicles 3 movie on Netflix? It’s been four years since the first one came out.

When it comes to Santa Claus characters in movies, there are a few popular ones. Tim Allen in The Santa Clause movies has been a favorite for a while. Ed Asner played a grumpy but cheerful Santa in Elf. And for those who like rough and tough Santas, Billy Bob Thornton and David Harbour fit the bill.

But in 2018, Kurt Russell gained a lot of popularity by playing Santa in The Christmas Chronicles, a holiday movie on Netflix. He came back again two years later for The Christmas Chronicles 2.

Now, people are wondering about The Christmas Chronicles 3. Is it going to happen? Here’s what we know so far.

In this article, we will guide everything you need to know about the “The Christmas Chronicles 3” release date, cast, plot, and trailer.

The Christmas Chronicles 3 release date

We don’t have confirmation about the third movie’s release date yet. But when it’s confirmed, it might come out in November 2022. This matches the pattern of the previous releases happening every two years.

The Christmas Chronicles 3 cast

For the movie to work, Kurt Russell would need to play Santa again. Goldie Hawn should also return as Mrs. Claus, especially after how much we liked her in the second movie.

We can probably expect the other important actors to come back too. This includes Darby Camp as Kate, Jahzir Bruno as Jack, Judah Lewis as Teddy, Kimberly Williams-Paisley as Claire, and Tyrese Gibson as Bob. I also think Julian Dennison might come back as Belsnickel after what happened in the second movie.

New actors would also join the movie to tell the next part of the story.

Director Chris Columbus Is Open To Christmas Chronicles 3

Chris Columbus, the director of The Christmas Chronicles 2, talked about the possibility of a third movie in an interview with Comicbook.

He mentioned a scene in the film where Mrs. Claus talks about being happy to have real kids in the village again. This part of the movie raised questions because it wasn’t explained why she said that.

This could lead to a potential storyline for the next movie. We might wonder if there’s a hidden secret she’s been keeping all this time.

Unlike her husband, Mrs. Claus hasn’t been explored much in the movies. So, it would be interesting to see her backstory.

Chris Columbus said he hasn’t had any discussions about The Christmas Chronicles 3 and wasn’t sure what it would be about.

However, he, like Kurt Russell, is interested in expanding the Christmas-themed world that the franchise introduced.

Based on what Chris Columbus said, it’s possible that if Netflix makes a new movie, it might focus on Mrs. Claus and give us more insight into her character.

What Can We Expect In Christmas Chronicles 3?

If you’ve watched both movies, you might have noticed that very little has been shown about the character of Mrs. Claus. That’s something we can expect to change in Christmas Chronicles 3!

Even though there hasn’t been an official discussion or announcement about this being the theme, we’re making an educated guess.

In Christmas Chronicles 2, there’s a scene where Mrs. Claus talks about wanting real kids in the village again. The new movie’s story might focus on this idea or give us more information about her background.

The director, Columbus, mentioned in an interview that he wouldn’t reveal what the third Christmas Chronicles would be about.

But he’s excited to bring another movie to this imaginary world. We’re not sure what Netflix thinks about the third movie yet, but we’re hopeful because both the previous movies have been very popular with viewers.

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