Insidious: The Red Door Movie Review

Posted By: Shweta Khandal

Posted On: July 6, 2023


Watching a super scary horror movie in a mostly empty theatre is so exciting. You get to eat yummy cheese popcorn and drink cold Pepsi while enjoying the darkness. The latest movie in the Insidious series is supposed to be really good, so people have high hopes for it. But even though the director, Wilson, starts off strong with cool drawings, the movie gets a bit cheesy and gimmicky towards the end. It’s like sometimes it’s better to keep the door closed and not know what’s behind it.

Insidious The Red Door: Plot

Dalton Lambert (played by Ty Simpkins) and his dad, Josh Lambert (played by Patrick Wilson), can’t remember what happened to them in a place called The Further.

They went through hypnosis, and now it’s been nine years. Dalton goes to an art college, and his teacher’s way of teaching helps him remember the scary things he forgot.

He starts seeing scary things and going to different places in his mind. It’s all connected to a red door and a demon with a red face. As things get scarier, Dalton and Josh have to go back to The Further and face the demons again.

Insidious: The Red Door Movie Review: Script Analysis

Leigh Whannell and Scott Teems wrote a story that’s all over the place and unfolds slowly. At first, it tricks you into feeling scared, but then it becomes really boring as the story gets worse.

In horror movies, the scary moments are important, and this movie has a few good ones, but many of them are so predictable that you can see them coming from far away.

The cinematography by Toby Oliver, who became famous for his work in the movie Get Out, is disappointing. It feels like he didn’t have enough freedom to be creative, and it matches Patrick Wilson’s limited and half-hearted vision.

Oliver tries to create scary moments with the camera, but it doesn’t work most of the time. Exploring astral projection could have been a great idea for this franchise, but unfortunately, it was handled by the wrong director (more about that in the “Direction” part).

Insidious: The Red Door Trailer

Insidious The Red Door: In conclusion

The Insidious movies are successful because they use a lot of the same techniques as Stephen King. They take place in cities, and the families are usually middle class. There’s also a mysterious world that exists in the shadows. Insidious: The Red Door tries to capture that same mix of light and darkness, but the director focuses too much on what’s hidden behind closed doors and loses some of the magic.

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