IPad Reset – How To Force Your IPad And IPhone To Restart

Don't confuse iPad reset or iPhone reset with factory reset - this is another process that wipes out all data.

IPad Reset – How To Force Your IPad And IPhone To Restart - Trending Update News

Sometimes that happens: Suddenly the app changes color and your Apple tablet or smartphone no longer reacts to your commands. All you have to do is restart your iPhone or iPad. Force restart your smartphone or tablet without losing any data.

There are many reasons why an iOS system can crash: An application crashes and causes various malfunctions. A normal restart is no longer possible. In this case, a forced and forced restart will help: restart the iPad or restart the iPhone. Or for some inexplicable reason, the memory is full and a chain reaction occurs until the iPhone or iPad finally stops responding.

Don’t confuse resetting your iPad or iPhone with a factory reset – this is another process that will erase all data. Fortunately, no personal data is lost during a normal restart. It just takes a little longer than a normal restart and frees up memory for new processes.

iPad Reset With and Without Home Button

Does your iPad still have the home screen button? We’re talking about the round button in the middle below the screen. Some newer models, such as the iPad Pro (under contract), no longer have this button. If your iPad still has this button, resetting the iPad works as follows: Press and hold the tablet’s home screen button and the sleep button at the top at the same time until the tablet restarts.

There is no longer a home button when you have a newer iPad like the Pro models or the iPad Air 2020. Everything works like this:

  • Briefly press the volume up button once
  • Then briefly press the volume down button
  • Then press and hold the sleep button until the iPad restarts

From iPhone 8: So You Force a Restart

The principle is the same with the iPhone: if your iPhone still has a home button, press and hold the standby and home buttons simultaneously for several seconds. When the iPhone restarts, let go of it.

Apple has changed the critical combination due to the missing key in all new iPhones without a home screen button, including the iPhone 13 (hereby contract). Here the soft reset works like an iPad reset:

First, briefly press the volume up button,

Then immediately press the volume down button.
Right after that, press and hold the side button (also known as the power button) until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

That is To Be Observed.

Depending on the device and settings, it can take up to ten seconds for the screen to go black and restart. If you see the shutdown screen during the process, ignore it. Wait for the Apple logo to appear on the screen, then release the button.

You have now performed a soft reset. The IOS has restarted and the memory has been used up. Previously opened applications were closed during the process. Everything else, including data and apps, stays on the phone. To prepare for tough times where you may need to do a hard drive reset and factory reset, we recommend that you: Perform regular iCloud backups to restore whatever data you think might be due to a Have been a loss.


If your iPhone or iPad is stuck and your device is not responding, restarting the iPad or iPhone can help.
During this process, the device will completely restart. there is usually no data loss.

Force restart on older iPad and iPhone models by holding down the Home and Sleep buttons at the same time for about ten seconds
Instead, reset all new models up to the iPhone 13 by pressing harder and softer and holding the side button.
With the old and new approaches, don’t let go of the buttons until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

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