iPhone Clean Energy Charging: What And How It Works?

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Posted On: April 30, 2023


Apple, the colossal technology entity, never ceases to amaze us with its exceptional characteristics. Every new edition seems like a rejuvenation of the brand. Therefore, when the issue of carbon discharge became a global concern, Apple did not fall behind. In fact, with iOS 16.1 and forthcoming versions, Apple bestowed the Clean Energy Charging feature to its users, allowing them to minimize their carbon footprint.

While this attribute is precisely what our planet necessitates at the moment, it is not very profitable in terms of battery power. As a consequence, several users prefer to deactivate this feature. Nonetheless, before we delve into how to activate or deactivate this function on your iPhone, it is imperative that you grasp the concept of Clean Energy Charging and its purpose.

What is Clean Energy Charging?

When Apple released iOS 16.1 on October 24, 2022, it introduced a new feature called Clean Energy Charging. This optional attribute aims to minimize your iPhone’s ecological impact by charging it during times when the energy grid in your area is operating with lower carbon emissions.

Once you activate Clean Energy Charging, your iPhone acquires a forecast for the forthcoming carbon discharges of your local energy grid and endeavours to tailor its charging to periods of reduced emissions. This suggests that if you plug in your phone and it perceives that you won’t be using it for a while, it may not charge fully, particularly when you’re sleeping. It is not damaging your battery or deliberately preventing your phone’s charge from reaching its optimal level.

However, even when you enable Clean Energy Charging, it won’t automatically restrict your charging. Rather, it partners with Optimized Battery Charging and Location Services to familiarize itself with your usage and charging patterns, ensuring that you always have sufficient battery power when you require it. This feature won’t activate if you’re on the move, and Apple specifies that several settings must be enabled for it to work properly:

  1. Battery > Battery Health & Charging and make sure that Clean Energy Charging is on.
  2. Privacy & Security > Location Services and make sure that Location Services is on.
  3. Privacy & Security > Location Services > System Services and make sure that System Customization is on.
  4. Privacy & Security > Location Services > System Services > Significant Locations and make sure that Significant Locations is on.

How Does Clean Energy Charging Work on an iPhone?

Apple has recently introduced a new feature named Clean Energy Charging in iOS 16.1, which aims to reduce the environmental impact of iPhone usage. This optional feature, currently available only in the United States, functions by charging your phone when the electricity sources in your area are producing “cleaner” energy. This strategy is intended to minimize the carbon footprint of iPhone charging.

When Clean Energy Charging is enabled, it employs a forecasting model to estimate the future carbon emissions of your local energy grid. Based on this forecast, it adjusts your iPhone charging to times when cleaner energy production is expected. However, it does not intentionally keep your phone’s charge below usable levels, nor does it harm the battery.

It should be noted that Clean Energy Charging will not automatically limit your charging, and it cooperates with other iOS features such as Optimized Battery Charging and Location Services to learn your charging habits and usage patterns. This ensures that you always have sufficient charge when you require it. For instance, if you are travelling, the feature will not activate.

Moreover, Clean Energy Charging will only be enabled in places where you frequently spend time and charge your iPhone for extended periods. To identify these locations, Clean Energy Charging relies on three location settings that must be enabled. However, if your charging habits are erratic or you are in a new location, the feature will not be activated.

Settings Required for Clean Energy Charging

Settings Required for Clean Energy Charging

To enable Clean Energy Charging to determine whether your iPhone is being charged at a supported location, the following iOS location settings must be toggled on:

  • Location Services: Go to Settings > Privacy & Security > Location Services and check if the Location Services switch at the top is turned on. If not, slide it to the ON position.
  • System Customization: In the same Location Services menu, scroll to the bottom, select the System Services option, and then switch on System Customization.
  • Significant Locations: In the System Services menu, choose Significant Locations in the list and use the toggle at the top to enable the feature.

Benefits of Clean Energy Charging on an iPhone

There are several benefits to using clean energy charging on an iPhone, including:

1. Eco-Friendly

Clean energy charging on an iPhone helps reduce your carbon footprint by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

2. Cost-Effective

Clean energy charging is cost-effective as it uses renewable energy sources, which are free.

3. Portable

Clean energy charging devices are lightweight and portable, making them easy to carry around, particularly for people who travel often.

4. Increased Battery Life

Clean energy charging can help prolong the life of your iPhone battery by reducing the strain placed on it during traditional charging.

Tips for Using Clean Energy Charging on an iPhone

Here are some tips for using clean energy charging on an iPhone:

1. Choose a Reliable Clean Energy Charger

It’s important to choose a reliable clean energy charger that can handle the power requirements of your iPhone.

2. Avoid Extreme Temperatures

Extreme temperatures can damage the iPhone’s battery, so it’s important to avoid charging the iPhone using a clean energy charger in extreme temperatures.

3. Keep the iPhone in the Shade

Direct sunlight can also damage the iPhone’s battery, so it’s best to keep the iPhone in the shade when charging it using a solar charger.

4. Use a Power Bank

Using a power bank can help ensure that your iPhone is always charged, even when you’re away from a power source.


Q1. Is clean energy charging only possible using solar or wind power?

Ans. No, clean energy charging can also be done using other renewable energy sources, such as hydro or geothermal power.

Q2. Will using clean energy charging on my iPhone affect its performance?

Ans. No, clean energy charging on an iPhone does not affect its performance in any way.

Q3. Can I use a clean energy charger to charge other electronic devices?

Ans. Yes, clean energy chargers can be used to charge other electronic devices that use USB charging, such as tablets and cameras.

Q4. Are clean energy chargers expensive?

Ans. Clean energy chargers are available at various price points, depending on the brand and features. However, they are generally cost-effective in the long run as they use free renewable energy sources.

Q5. Can I use a clean energy charger on cloudy or windy days?

Ans. Yes, clean energy chargers can still work in cloudy.


Clean energy charging on an iPhone is a sustainable and cost-effective solution that helps reduce your carbon footprint. With the right clean energy charger and proper usage, you can easily charge your iPhone on the go without worrying about damaging your battery or contributing to pollution.

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