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Wednesday, January 25, 2023


Is The Christmas Chronicles 3 confirmed or Not? Let’s consider whether there will be a festive follow-up to the 2020 Netflix sequel.

The Christmas Chronicles 3: Given the popularity of the first two films, Netflix was able to move on to The Christmas Chronicles 3 without a problem.

In 2018, Christmas Chronicles received a general response from critics and broadcasters, which is why The Christmas Chronicles 2 premiered on the season of Holidays 2020.

With Netflix appearing to be heavily investing in Christmas movies, a third installment is expected to arrive.

Darby Camp stars as Kate Pierce in The Christmas Chronicles 2. While on a family vacation in Mexico, one of Santa’s ex-elves, Belsnickel (Julian Dennison), convinces her to send him to the North Pole via a worm. . .

There, Kate learns everything about Santa’s Village, a magical community of a million elves and 300,000 shops. Santa Claus (Kurt Russell) and Mrs. Claus (Goldie Hawn) reveal that Belsnickel has turned into a human after violating the five rules of the Elven Code.

Since Kate is a true believer, the rogue elf tries to destroy her spirit by Christmas. Destroy the poinsettia that protects the village from Santa Claus.

Christmas Chronicles 2 includes time travel, which in turn tie in with the first film and establish Belsnickel as the villain.

However, it turns out the old elf just wants to feel loved and protected, which could continue in The Christmas Chronicles 3.

Kurt Russell has ‘no idea’ what Netflix’s plans are for The Christmas Chronicles

“The Christmas Chronicles 2” was officially announced in December 2019, 11 months before the sequel to debut (via People). So far no third film has been announced, so if you are looking forward to the next chapter of “The Christmas Chronicles” over the Christmas period, you may have to wait a little longer. However, there is a very good chance that a third film will be announced in the coming weeks. This would likely mean that we could see The Christmas Chronicles 3 around Christmas 2022.

According to The New York Times, Kurt Russell appeared to suggest that a third installment might be possible, although he admitted he had “no idea” about Netflix’s future plans for the franchise. So if the streamer plans to release the third movie, filming will likely not happen until early next year, but soon after, as Netflix will likely want to make sure the movie is ready. for Thanksgiving. 2022. As a reference, “Christmas Chronicles 2” was in post-production in May 2020, six months before its release (via deadline). We hope to get an official announcement soon, especially if we’re all on the right Santa Claus list.


No, neither Netflix nor the makers of the previous two episodes have announced a third film in The Christmas Chronicles series.

This will surely put fans off, but there is also reason to hope that this festive comedy will be revived for yet another adventure.

First of all, it is important to recognize the data. The first film was released in 2018 and the sequel followed at the end of 2020. So there were about two years between the films and only a year had passed since the release of The Christmas Chronicles 2.

With this in mind, we may not be able to wait for the third tranche until November 2022 anyway.

The fact we haven’t received another list still makes sense as director Christopher Columbus revealed he hasn’t spoken to Netflix about a third movie yet.

He had previously stated in an interview: “That’s interesting because at the moment I can’t even think of what the third possible film could be. But we are definitely ready to open up this world even more. “

This makes another outing more useful, but it’s not just that …


Given Christopher’s vision, maybe a third film will come later than before, which will give the team time to come up with a solid idea that the cast will also enjoy.

Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn, who play Mr. and Mrs. Claus respectively, have also expressed their enthusiasm for building this cinematic world of Christmas fun.

Kurt previously explained to The New York Times:

“I’ve never been big on sequels, but that was 50, 40, 30 years ago. Now sequels aren’t even sequels anymore. We’ve just cyclically found our way around to making television. You go to the movies and you’re seeing television because there’s a serial aspect to it.”

He announced he was now ready for a sequel, although he admits he hasn’t heard anything.

Additionally, Goldie argued that the Christmas Chronicles universe could become something of a festive equivalent of something like the MCU.


Of course, it’s not only important to ask if the makers want that, but also if the audience really wants to see it.

Just recently, fans were using Twitter for another sequel. Check out a selection of tweets:



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