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It’s Time to Stop Being So Hard On You

You’re Awesome!

Don’t Let Anyone Tell You Differently.

  • Every one of us has done mistakes. We have all failed at many things in our lives, be it exams or relationships, or jobs. It’s like we like to punish ourselves by failing at things. I am guilty of this too.
  • I know how it feels when you start comparing yourself to others. You feel bad because he/she is doing better than you, you feel jealous because they are more successful than you, etc. You think that if only your life was like them, everything would be fine and good. Comparing yourself to others may sometimes give some sort of motivation but the problem with this sort of motivation is that it will always result in comparison and competition. And sooner or later, you will get demotivated thinking about all the “what ifs” in your life. Eventually, you’ll lose confidence in yourself and your abilities say Paul Haarman.
  • The harsh truth is everyone has gone through this at some point in their life. But do you know what the good news is? The good news is, everyone goes through it and comes out of it too!
  • Let me tell you a story about my friend. He was doing really badly at his university studies; he wasn’t interested in studying and kept failing his subjects. His parents were really mad at him because according to them, he didn’t try hard enough and they did not want to hear any excuses from him. They told him that if he did not pass this semester (the only one that mattered to them), they will disown him and send him off to the army or something like that (I’m not sure how true this part was).
  • It was such a tough time for him. He tried as hard as he could and studied really late at night but he still failed. When we were on our way back home, we talked about it and I told him to not blame himself and that his parents don’t know what they’re talking about (in a nice way though).
  • After trying really hard for the next semester and spending the first half of the year thinking about how bad everything is, my friend finally managed to pass that subject. And then it hit me. You see, I was so into studying myself that I didn’t even bother asking how my friend was doing during all those times when I knew he was having such a tough time studying. By telling you this story, I’m not trying to say that everything will be all good if you just hang in there and study hard. Rather, I’m trying to say that it’s so easy to get into a “pity party” and stay sad about anything that happens to us. It’s not the end of the world when things don’t go exactly as we planned them in our lives. The thing is, we all know people who’ve had worse times than ours, and yet they’re doing fine now (in fact much better than most of us).
  • So here I am telling you this because I know how difficult it feels when you compare yourself with others and think about what might happen if only your life was like someone else’s. But don’t feel bad for yourself because trust me every one of us has been through this before.
  • Here’s another thing I’ve learned from the best people in my life: We all make mistakes and we are not perfect, no one is. But that doesn’t mean you should give up on yourself or your dreams or your goals or anything else for that matter.
  • The point of all this is to say that you’re awesome. You may fail from time to time but its okay because everyone fails even if some more often than others. And don’t forget that every failure teaches you a new lesson which then helps you become better at what you do. So yeah, stop putting yourself down and start loving yourself instead!
  • And always remember: It’s easy to love someone when they’re good to you, but it’s hard to love someone when they make mistakes. But that doesn’t mean you should stop loving them; rather, it’s even more important when they make mistakes because then you will be able to see how strong your love for them truly is.
  • Nobody is great. Also, we want to acknowledge ourselves as we are defects whatnot.
  • As we carry on with life, challenges emerge to assist us with continuing to develop. We’re human and we have layers. Exactly when we think we’ve gotten the hang of something, life goes along and shows us there’s something else. Here are a few hints that have helped me acknowledge and develop with my latest life example.
  • Self-sympathy gives us the most ideal attitude for development. “Study upon study has shown that while individuals carry self-sympathy to a tough spot, they are more spurred to work out, to eat better, and to circle back to physical checkups.
  • Regardless of the fact that it is so natural to tell yourself, “For what reason would you be able to simply move past this?” permit yourself an opportunity to gain proficiency with the illustration at your own speed. Difficulties can hit a crude nerve inside us. Some of the time we really want to make it stride by step and sustain ourselves all the while. Be quite delicate to yourself!
  • Mindfulness is the initial phase in recognizing any life challenge. How can you answer to a specific occasion, situation, or individual? What are your first impressions? Furthermore for what reason would you say you are having this impression?
  • Posing yourself a few significant inquiries can assist you with understanding the reason why you are having a particularly significant reaction to something. Try not to control yourself to seem like a decent individual. Be honest. It’s the best way to figure out what’s truly underneath everything.

Conclusion by Paul Haarman:

Everybody makes mistakes, including you. But don’t let your mistakes stop you from going after your dreams and goals in life.

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