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Kylo Ren: Star Wars reveals Kylo Ren killed entire planets after Last Jedi

Kylo Ren: A new Star Wars comic just revealed that Kylo Ren killed entire planets after the Star Wars: The Last Jedi event.

Star Wars Adventures # 2 has just revealed for the first (and so far) only time that Kylo is demonstrating his success as Supreme Leader more effectively than any of his many failed attempts in the sequel to the trilogy. Wikipedia

In the side story “Follow and Lead” Kylo Ren participates in major declines by exercising his power over the inhabitants of the planets, who should submit to the will of the First Order.

In fact, the simplicity of the whole process is so pleasing to the young leader that he seems almost disgusted by a technical speech his subordinates have written to a defeated people.

So he crushes the tablet in his hands when ‘he receives it. But during one of his rounds of victory, another simple submission suddenly becomes complicated when a small group of guerrillas rise up and fight.

Rehn is outraged by this act of contempt and soon confronts a woman who shows up. Be a leader.

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However, his ability to avoid glare from light does not bring Wren to the tipping point. These are his words.

According to him, everyone should want to be a part of what they think is the best form and they don’t seem to understand why someone would risk their lives.

But this woman would rather die free than succumb to what she calls fascism. Rehn is so tired of her belief that he stops fighting and leaves her with the stormtroopers.

And then it happens. When your ship moves away, the entire planet appears to be on fire.

Kylo Ren

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Kylo Ren: Star Wars reveals Kylo Ren killed entire planets after Last Jedi - Trending Update News
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This sudden escalation is only removed by Rehn’s earlier feelings, although the handling of the flames was never understood.

During her duel with the defiant warrior, Rehn says that she and her people will suffer, asks if it’s worth it, and says that she will regret it before she leaves.

It is possible that one of his officers would have given the answer if Rehn hadn’t interrupted him, but it quickly becomes apparent that at least half of the planet is on fire.

This all becomes secondary to the main story in Star Wars Adventures # 2, which ends with an event Rey began as a way to practice in a specially crafted Jedi lesson before it went horribly wrong.

Creators Michael Moreci and Nick Brokenshire bring this feat to the fore rather than doing Ren, with an emphasis more on a story that feels more like a joke than anything else.

To add to the damage, for Kylo Ren this presumed moment comes so suddenly and with no explanation that readers may first wonder if it really happened before they come to the inevitable conclusion that there are no other options due to the fact Project undisputed art of Elias, Kyriazis and David Tinto, Ren TV

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