Lee McGregor v Erik Robles: Scot stunned by Mexican in homecoming world title bout

Posted By: Sophia Andrew

Posted On: July 22, 2023


Erik Robles had a surprising win over Lee McGregor to become the new IBO super-bantamweight world champion in an exciting fight at Meadowbank.

In the match that took place in Edinburgh, Scotland, McGregor’s home crowd was eager to see him win, but unfortunately, all three judges decided in favor of Robles from Mexico.

This loss was a tough moment for McGregor, as it was the first time he has been defeated in his 14-fight career. On the other hand, Robles now has an impressive record of 14 wins and only one loss in 15 fights.

The Mexican boxer faced a noisy crowd cheering for the home favorite, but he didn’t let that bother him. He came out strong in the first round, putting a lot of pressure on McGregor, who was the crowd’s favorite.

McGregor fought back well, using good jabs and a nice body shot in an exciting start to the match. But Robles kept up his impressive performance in the second round, showing accuracy and power in his punches.

In the third round, McGregor improved even though he had to deal with the fast and continuous punches from Robles. McGregor is known for starting slow and getting better later in the fight.

Robles couldn’t keep up the same intense pace he had in the beginning, and in the fourth round, McGregor took advantage of that. McGregor landed some strong uppercuts and body shots to gain momentum in the fight.

People started to wonder if Robles could maintain his stamina, but he proved them wrong by responding with quick combinations and smart footwork.

At the halfway point of the fight, McGregor had to show his determination earlier than he had expected. His heart and determination were put to the test as the match continued.

In the seventh and eighth rounds, McGregor used clever tactics rather than just relying on bravery. He stayed at a distance and landed some good punches, especially two big left hands that worked well for him.

In the ninth round, there was an interesting moment because it was the first time Robles had ever gone this far in a professional fight. But he didn’t seem too tired and finished the round strongly.

Both fighters seemed a bit tired in the tenth round, but then suddenly, Robles attacked fiercely in the middle of the ring. McGregor fought back with an impressive left punch and a powerful body shot, which had Robles holding on.

The eleventh round continued to be exciting, with McGregor blocking some of Robles’ attacks and responding with his own bursts.

In the twelfth and final round, the crowd at Meadowbank was really loud and supportive of McGregor, singing “Flower of Scotland.” Both fighters gave it their all until the end, and when the fight was over, the referee raised Robles’ hand as the winner, which left McGregor feeling heartbroken.

Ten weeks ago, McGregor had doubts about his boxing career because of injuries, postponed fights, money problems, and family worries. Despite this defeat, he shouldn’t let it stop his promising career at only 26 years old. There are still great things ahead for him.

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