Love and Death: The True Story of Candy Montgomery

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Posted On: April 28, 2023


Love and Death: In 1980, a shocking murder took place in the quiet town of Wylie, Texas. The victim was a young mother named Betty Gore, and the perpetrator was her friend and neighbour, Candy Montgomery. The story of the murder and its aftermath has captivated the nation and become a staple of true crime media. In this article, we will explore the true story of Candy Montgomery and the events that led up to the tragic murder.


Candy Montgomery was a popular and well-liked member of the Wylie community. She was married with two young children and was known for her involvement in church and school activities. However, Candy was leading a double life. She had been having an affair with a married man named Allan Gore for several years.

The events leading up to the murder began in the summer of 1980. Betty Gore, a friend of Candy’s, became suspicious of the relationship between Candy and Allan. She confronted Candy, and the two women had a heated argument. Betty threatened to tell Candy’s husband about the affair, and Candy became enraged.

The Affair

Candy and Allan’s affair had been going on for several years before Betty discovered it. Allan was married with children, and Candy was married with two children of her own. The two had met at church, and their relationship quickly turned romantic.

The affair continued even after Allan’s wife found out about it. Candy and Allan would meet in secret, often using a remote location in the woods to avoid detection. Betty was the only person who knew about the affair, and she became increasingly uncomfortable with the situation.

The Murder

On the night of June 13, 1980, Candy went to Betty’s house to talk to her about their argument. What happened next is still unclear, but Candy would later claim that Betty attacked her with a pickax. In self-defence, Candy grabbed a nearby ax and struck Betty over 40 times, killing her.

Candy immediately called her husband and the police, claiming that she had killed Betty in self-defence. When the police arrived, they found Betty’s body in the living room, covered in blood.

The Trial

Candy Montgomery was charged with the murder of Betty Gore and went to trial in January 1981. The defence argued that Candy had acted in self-defence and that Betty had attacked her with a pickax. The prosecution argued that Candy had planned the murder and had killed Betty in cold blood.

The trial was highly publicized, and the community was divided

The Verdict

After several weeks of testimony, the jury found Candy Montgomery guilty of murder. She was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole after 30 years.

The verdict was controversial, with some members of the community believing that Candy had acted in self-defence and others believing that she was guilty of premeditated murder.

The Aftermath

The murder of Betty Gore had a profound impact on the community of Wylie. Many residents were shocked and saddened by the events that had taken place, and the community became divided over the verdict.

The families of both Candy Montgomery and Betty Gore were deeply affected by the tragedy. Candy’s husband divorced her, and her children were taken in by family members. Betty’s husband was left to raise their children alone.

The Legacy

Love and Death: The story of Candy Montgomery and the murder of Betty Gore has become a staple of true crime media. It has been the subject of books, TV shows, and documentaries, and it continues to capture the public’s imagination.

The case also had an impact on criminal justice reform. It highlighted the issue of domestic violence and the need for better support for victims.

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