Love Stereo Again: Tiger Shroff Opens Up About Collaborating With Edward Maya, Calls It An ‘Exhilarating Journey’

Posted By: Shweta Khandal

Posted On: July 23, 2023


Edward Maya, the DJ from Romania, made a famous song called ‘Love Stereo’ in 2009. Now, he has made a new version of the song with Tiger Shroff and Zahrah S Khan. They call this new version ‘Love Stereo Again.’

Edward Maya is very happy and excited about this new track. He thinks it’s fantastic because they added something new to the song. He can’t wait for everyone to hear this amazing new version with the talented artists.

The song ‘Love Stereo Again’ is a special collaboration between Edward Maya, Tiger Shroff, Diva Zahrah S Khan, and Tanishk Bagchi from different parts of the world. What’s even more exciting is that Tiger and Zahrah not only appear in the song but also sing it with their amazing talents.

Tiger Shroff shared his excitement about being part of this iconic song. He feels privileged to contribute to it and had a fantastic time recording the track and shooting the music video. He thinks this party anthem is unique and can’t wait to see everyone dancing to its beats and feeling the love.

The music video, directed by Manish Shunty, is not only great to listen to but also a joy to watch. Tiger and Zahrah look amazing on screen and their chemistry is electrifying!

In ‘Love Stereo Again,’ Tanishk Bagchi gives a modern Indian touch to the timeless classic by Edward Maya. The song was written by Shraddha Pandit in Hindi, along with international songwriters Eduard Marian, Eldar Mansurov, and Corneva Victoria.

Zahrah is thrilled to be dancing alongside Tiger Shroff, who she admires and considers a fantastic performer. She believes the song has a whole new vibe, and she can’t wait for everyone to see this masterpiece.

Tanishk Bagchi feels honored to work with Edward Maya and bring a fresh touch to this classic hit. ‘Love Stereo Again’ brings together Tiger and Zahrah, two of India’s best talents.

Lyricist Shraddha Pandit said, “Love Stereo Again” is a mix of Indian and Western music. It was exciting for her to work with Tiger, Zahrah, and Tanishk and add an Indian flavor to the song.

Bhushan Kumar, from T-Series, shared that this collaboration between Tiger, Zahrah, Edward, and Tanishk is huge. The combination of their fresh and modern music with an Indian touch is expected to be magical and connect with the audiences.

You can now listen to “Love Stereo Again” by Edward Maya, Tiger Shroff, Zahrah S Khan, and composed by Tanishk Bagchi and Edward Maya on T-Series’ YouTube channel.

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