Maaveeran Review: A rollercoaster ride of action, fantasy, and social commentary

Posted By: Shweta Khandal

Posted On: July 14, 2023


Sivakarthikeyan has become a popular hero in the movie Maaveeran. In Madonne Ashwin’s film, he shows his full potential. At one moment, he plays the role of a shy cartoonist named Sathya, who just wants to keep his mother and sister safe.

But in the next moment, he turns into a clever fighter and defeats his enemies easily. It’s really enjoyable to see how he smoothly transitions from an underdog to a kind of superhero.

Maaveeran is about a quiet and shy cartoonist named Sathya (played by Sivakarthikeyan). He is forced to move from a poor neighbourhood to a tall apartment building along with other families.

However, they soon discover that the building is poorly built, and they were deceived. Sathya decides not to make a big fuss about it and tells his family to adapt to the situation. But one night, everything changes. Sathya starts hearing a voice and behaving strangely, gaining unusual powers.

Maaveeran, directed by Madonne Ashwin, has all the elements of an exciting commercial film. The first half steals the show with its entertaining moments, although it’s a bit long.

There are powerful and thrilling scenes, along with clever and funny dialogues. Even Vijay Sethupathi’s brief appearance as a voice saying “Veerame Jayam” adds to the excitement. His lines and voice contribute significantly to the fantasy aspect of the story.

The interval comes much later, and the movie takes a more serious turn from that point onwards. However, there are some slow moments and a predictable climax that could have been improved. But don’t worry, the action scenes, especially the one on the boat and the finale, make up for it. They are impactful and add a thrilling element to the movie.

Maaveeran has some notable aspects worth mentioning. Vidhu Ayanna’s camerawork stands out, capturing the visuals beautifully. However, the background music (BGM) and songs by Bharath Shankar don’t leave a lasting impression, except for the song “Vaa Veera.”

The film’s biggest strength lies in its writing and execution, complemented by the sincere performances of the cast. Sivakarthikeyan delivers an excellent performance, but it’s Yogi Babu who steals the show.
Playing the character referred to as ‘Patch,’ he keeps the audience entertained with his quick-witted lines.

Whenever he appears on screen, you can expect a funny and punchy dialogue from him, and he never disappoints.
Though Mysskin’s portrayal as a villain lacks the expected ruthlessness of a politician, he still engages the audience with a touch of comedy.

In fact, his humorous lines like “Enna Nanba” work better than the serious ones and immediately strike a chord. Aditi Shankar has limited screen time but manages to impress with her no-nonsense acting.

It’s refreshing to see Saritha as the loving and straightforward mother character. Additionally, television actress Monisha Blessy delivers a decent performance, providing suitable support to the cast.

Overall, Maaveeran has its highlights, such as the camera work and the standout performances by the actors, particularly Yogi Babu. However, the music could have been more memorable.

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