Mini-Skirt, Ripped Jeans Not Allowed: Jharkhand Mahadev Temple Introduces Dress Code For Visitors

Posted By: Shweta Khandal

Posted On: July 8, 2023


Jaipur: A famous Jharkhand Mahadev temple in Jaipur, Rajasthan, now has some rules about what people should wear when they go there to worship. They don’t want anyone to wear shorts, mini-skirts, frocks, ripped jeans, or pajamas when they visit the temple.

The people who take care of the Jharkhand Mahadev Temple put up a big sign outside the temple. The sign says that if someone is wearing short clothes, they can’t go inside the temple. Instead, they have to pray from outside the temple.

The president of the temple, Jayprakash Somani, said that the committee made this rule because some people complained that it goes against Indian culture to wear torn jeans and mini-skirts when visiting the temple. The temple wants both men and women to wear appropriate and respectful clothes when they come to worship.

It’s important to know that many temples have rules about what people can wear. Other temples, like Bohra Ganeshji and Charbhuja temples, have also put up similar notices.

But on Thursday, a group of people from the Devasthan department removed the notices that were put up outside Udaipur’s Jagdish Temple. These notices said that visitors wearing short clothes, mini skirts, night suits, half-pants, bermudas, and torn jeans were not allowed to enter the temple.

Dinesh Makwana, who is the President of Udaipur Dharmotsav Samiti, said that the notices were put up outside the temple to make sure people respect Hindu culture. Jatin Gandhi, who is an Assistant Commissioner in the Devasthan department, mentioned that the notices were posted without informing the department. He promised to investigate the situation.

The temple officials at Jagdish Temple said they will have special rooms where people can change their clothes. They will also provide traditional Indian clothing like sarees and dhotis for visitors who are wearing clothes that are not allowed inside the temple.

Moreover, the people in charge of the famous ‘Bawe Wali Mata’ temple in Jammu and Kashmir have recently made a rule about what visitors should wear. They want visitors to wear nice clothes and cover their heads. According to the rule, people wearing shorts, mini-skirts, ripped jeans, and capri pants cannot enter the temple.

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