Moonfall: Air Date, Cast, Storyline, & all updated news about Moonfall Film

Moonfall: German director Roland Emmerich has made many successful Hollywood films. He is known for his action and catastrophic films. Some of his films include Independence Day (1996) and the follow-up to Independence Day: Renaissance (2016), Stargate (1994), 2012 (2009), Godzilla (1998), The Day After Tomorrow (2004), and White House Down (2013) ))). and Midway (2019). You now have a new movie coming up! Emmerich returns after eleven years to direct a sci-fi disaster.

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Moonfall: About The Film

Roland Emmerich’s next film is Moonfall. Moonfall is a science fiction thriller. Emmerich is producing the film and is also the screenwriter of the film. Herald Kloser was the co-producer and co-writer of the film. Emmerich and Kloser wrote the screenplay for Moonfall while working in 2012.

Release Date

Moonfall: Air Date, Cast, Storyline, & all updated news about Moonfall Film | Trending Update News

Lionsgate is releasing the film and will release it in 2021. The directors have yet to announce a specific date for the film to continue. However, the film could be released in late 2021. Therefore, given the growing threat of coronaviruses around the world, a major overhaul is underway. However, there are no official confirmations or updates on the film’s release date.

Roland Emmerich’s films are known for their entertainment value, and his next film will be fun too. The film will be a wonderful visual spectacle. It will also be action-packed and exciting! It will be a good movie.
Until then, stay tuned for more updates. Good observation!

The Plot: Moonfall 

A space crew travels to the moon after an asteroid hits and puts the moon on a collision course with earth. Life is in danger a few weeks before impact. Astronauts have to fight against time to save the earth.

Film Production
Halle Berry Cast in Roland Emmerich Movie 'Moonfall' - VarietyMoonfall was announced in May 2019. The film’s budget was set at $ 150 million, making it one of the most expensive films of all time. Josh Gad was originally cast in the film but was forced to retire due to scheduling conflicts. Of course, Emmerich worked with Patrick Wilson on Midway in 2019. That’s why Emmerich wanted Wilson to appear in another movie. The screening of the film ended in June 2020.

Filming on Moonfall began in Montreal in October 2020. Filming is scheduled to begin earlier this year in the spring but had to be postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. On October 23, Halle Berry posted a photo of her on Instagram with the title: “Officially from # Quarantine-done! #Munfall, here I am !!” ”

The Cast of the Movie

Moonfall: Air Date, Cast, Storyline, & all updated news about Moonfall Film | Trending Update News

The cast of the film includes Halle Berry, Patrick Wilson, Charlie Plummer, Stanley Tucci, John Bradley, Donald Sutherland, and Eme Ikwuakor.

Halle Berry will play a former NASA astronaut turned manager whose previous mission contained clues to an impending disaster. John Bradley will play KC Houseman, a brilliant scientist who accurately predicted disaster. Stanley Tucci’s role is not yet known, but his character’s name is Tom Philips. There is no information on the roles of other artists.


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