Netflix Film Lust Stories 2 Review

Posted By: Shweta Khandal

Posted On: June 29, 2023


Netflix’s Lust Stories 2 features four stories that explore sex from different angles. However, this anthology falls short of expectations and leaves viewers puzzled. Anthologies like these have been a mixed bag, rarely impressing as a whole.

The economic aspect might be the reason for their continuation, as they provide diversity and cater to those with limited time for binge-watching.

The four stories focus on sex as a taboo, trauma, violence, and as a form of bodily expression. However, the execution is lacking. One story about a grandmother discussing sex with her granddaughter feels forced and lacks subtlety.

Another story by Sujoy Ghosh follows a cheating protagonist in a strange village, but the plot twist is predictable and the dialogue fails to support the premise effectively.

Amit Sharma’s film stands out among the rest. Set in the 90s, it features Kumud Mishra as a terrifying sexual offender, and Kajol as a former prostitute trying to secure a good future for her son.

This film is ambitious and combines striking visuals with a suffocating atmosphere. It explores the idea that a woman may feel more trapped in marriage than she did in the brothel.

Konkona Sen Sharma’s film is the most interesting of the bunch. It interprets lust literally but adds layers of class and gender. It revolves around an independent woman who catches her house help engaging in sexual activities on her bed.

Initially shocked, the woman finds herself enjoying the voyeuristic pleasure of watching. The house help, on the other hand, uses the luxury of space as an outlet for her sexual expression.

As they uncover more about each other, they develop a unique understanding. Although it borrows from a sleazy trope, the film tries to extract something meaningful.

It’s surprising that the anthology has yet to explore a coming-of-age story that delves into teenage lust and perversion. This would require reframing intimacy in a new cinematic language that hasn’t been fully explored.

Lust Stories seems like a safe space to do so, but the overall approach to the subject matter feels uninspired and dreary. Only Sen’s film manages to dig deeper.

In summary, Lust Stories 2, which premiered on Netflix on June 26, 2023, falls short of expectations. While some stories have their moments, the anthology as a whole lacks the ambition and freshness needed to truly explore the themes of lust and desire.

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