Netflix Mask Girl recap guide: All seven episodes explained (spoilers!)

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Mask Girl on Netflix recap guide

In the new Korean drama show called “Mask Girl” on Netflix, the main character is Kim Mo-mi. During the day, she has a regular job in an office.

But when the night comes, she does something different. She wears a mask and becomes a famous online cam girl named “Mask Girl.”

“Mask Girl” is a show based on a famous webcomic by Mae-mi that you can read on Naver. The show follows Kim Mo-mi through different parts of her life.

First, she’s a regular worker in a company, then she becomes a performer, and later she becomes a prisoner serving a life sentence.

But it’s best not to know too much about the show before watching it. This series is a mix of dark comedy and suspense, and it will surprise you with many unexpected twists and turns.

In “Mask Girl,” there are lots of great actors, including popular Korean stars like Nana, who is famous for being a K-pop singer and actress.

Also, Yeom Hye-ran from “The Glory” and Go Hyun-jung from “Queen Seondeok” are in the show. Each episode focuses on a different character and tells their story. Sometimes, you’ll even see the same events from different points of view.

Spoiler warning for Mask Girl on Netflix

We’re making summaries for all the episodes of the first season of “Mask Girl,” which has seven episodes. If you’re not sure about something or you didn’t catch an important part of the story, you can save this guide for recaps about “Mask Girl” and use it to keep up with the story!

Netflix Mask Girl episode 1 recap: Kim Mo-mi

Meet Kim Mo-mi, the main character in our story. She’s a regular office worker who spends her time at work thinking about her boss, who’s already married, and chatting with her friend about another colleague named A-reum, who is attractive.

Mo-mi has always wanted people to like her, ever since she was a child. She dreams of becoming a singer or performer, but many people, even strangers, have told her she’s not pretty.

This has made her feel very unsure of herself. She gets especially nervous around A-reum, who gets a lot of attention from guys.

At night, Mo-mi lives out her fantasies online. She pretends to be someone else called “Mask Girl.” She does live videos where she dances and talks to people who watch.

She even takes requests to do things like pour milk on herself or hold things between her breasts. Many guys like her videos and give her virtual gifts.

Mask Girl is very popular online, and some regular viewers call themselves “Once Upon a Prince” and “Handsome Monk.”

One evening, Mo-mi goes out for dinner and drinks with her co-workers, including her boss, Park. When they’re done, she asks to share a taxi with him. Park lies to his wife and says he’s alone in the taxi.

Mo-mi likes to imagine things, so she starts thinking that Park might secretly like her. She even asks her online followers for their opinion.

She tells them that she once liked Park’s cologne, and now he wears the same kind all the time. She wonders if he likes her too. She gets rid of anyone who disagrees with her in the chat.

Later, Mo-mi sees something at work that upsets her a lot. She sees Park and A-reum having an intimate moment in his office. This makes her very sad, and she starts drinking and doing another online video. She takes off all her clothes during the video, which gets her in trouble.

The next day, Mo-mi realizes what she did and feels ashamed. Pictures and videos of her naked online show spread everywhere. She tells her co-workers about Park and A-reum’s affair, and the news spreads. The human resources department gets involved. Park loses his job, and A-reum gets moved to a different office.

Now Park is really sad and starts drinking too. Mo-mi uses this as a chance to get close to him. She tricks him into going to a motel with her and tries to make him think that he likes her. She starts taking off his clothes, which is not a good thing to do.

The next morning, they wake up in the same bed, mostly undressed. Mo-mi wants Park to think they did something together, but he doesn’t remember anything. He leaves quickly.

At work, a co-worker named Ju Oh-nam tries to talk to Mo-mi but changes his mind. Later, Mo-mi gets an email from someone who knows about her online persona, Mask Girl. They send a picture from her naked video. Mo-mi is shocked and leaves her office.

On the way home on the subway, she texts Park and asks if they can talk. He says he doesn’t remember anything from before. Mo-mi gets angry and accuses a random man of touching her inappropriately. They end up fighting and getting arrested.

At home, Mo-mi is still in trouble with her online video but can still talk to people online. She reaches out to “Once Upon a Prince,” who turns out to be Oh-nam, her co-worker. He’s the guy who tried to talk to her in the elevator!

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