Outbreak Company Season 2 – Release Date, Characters and All You Need To Know!

Outbreak Company Season 2: Outbreak Company – is an animated series (light novel). Do you like the easy novel series? If you answer yes, you’ve come to the right place.

Most fans (myself included) are excited for the second season of Outbreak Company. We are all looking forward to last season’s fun and exciting finale.

With that in mind, I’ll be sharing all the relevant information for the next episode … like the plot, the cast of the characters, the release date, the trailer, etc.

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The second season of Outbreak Company covers various topics such as discrimination, social norms, invasion, and the responsibility of an otaku. Are you not excited? Enter your answer in the comment box … ..

It is very difficult for me to stop … I keep scrolling to understand the knowledge …

Outbreak Company Season 2

Outbreak Company Season 2: We Know So Far - Trending Update News
Outbreak Company Season 2

Outbreak Company’s second season is one of the best light novel series Ichiro Sakaki has ever written.

We can’t call it drama. The story is quite complicated due to the many fights between elves and dwarves.

In addition, there are many visions of Japanese culture that highlight debates in which people are treated as superior beings.

Since the human theme is transferred to different areas, this is nothing special. Outbreak Company is action-focused and offers a more cultural approach.

I am very happy to know what will happen to it. It’s not like that;


Outbreak Company Season 2: We Know So Far - Trending Update News
Trending Update News

The Outbreak Company season two story revolves around a boy named Shinichi Kanou. He spends all of his time reading manga and watching anime.

He focuses entirely on the gaming world. The canoe is also known as the typical otaku who locks his house and is obsessed with Japanese pop culture.

He is shocked at the lack of adequate social life. Your life reaches a point where you really want to break free from other projects.

All of this happens when Kanou applies for a new job in the hopes that someone will hire him. This is the main reason why you have to leave your home every day.

After a few incidents, he is kidnapped and transported to the Eldant Empire, a new magical world with creatures such as elves, dragons, and dwarves. In this world, Shinichi needs the escape he wants for his life.

When he got there, he received a message that was sent here to use his knowledge and promote otaku culture. He earned a title called “Opakou Missionary”. So he sets off to complete the project.

The Japanese government fully supports him and is supported by a half-elf girl named Myucel and the former princess of the empire named Petralka.

They face various obstacles such as social problems, political and moral discrimination. But they have to overcome all of this just to promote otaku on this earth.

Outbreak Company Season 2 Cast / Characters

  • Tyler Galindo as Shinichi Kanou
  • Genevieve Simmons as Minori Koganuma
  • Juliet Simmons as Myucel Foaran
  • Kira Vincent Davis as Petralka Anne Eldant III
  • James Belcher as Prime Minister Zaharl
  • Andy Mcavin as Jizaburou Matoba
  • Chris Patton as Galius In Cordbal
  • Ned Gale is a wizard
  • Sara Ornelas as Elbia Hanaiman

The main characters are those who deserve to be appreciated.

The question now is: when will this happen?

Release Date

Outbreak Company Season 2: We Know So Far - Trending Update News
Release Date

I have great news for all fans (myself included) that everyone would be excited to see their favorite anime. We can expect the Outbreak Company season two to premiere in 2022 or later.

So our wait will be over for good very soon … We hope that the second season comes as soon as possible.

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