Partnership With Blockchain Community India

Blockchain Community India is the growing Indian blockchain network aiming to bring blockchain technology.

And artificial intelligence to small local organizations and make them even more extraordinary and with the right innovation for years to come.

2020 has shown how the right kind of technology can enable us to run our business and work from anywhere in the world.

And in the next year more and more tech companies will advance better than the traditional system and open a new global world. The market for everyone.

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For this reason, BCI with its specialized finance team is looking for many companies where they can support companies with the latest innovations, create better interfaces, and open more doors for business growth.

The BCI USP leverages both entrepreneurial knowledge and entrepreneurship to create an environment where local organizations can innovate without excelling.

Blockchain: How can anyone become part of the community?

Anyone who believes they can help improve the community. And is interested in working on the blockchain network can join BCI.

All you have to do is take a few steps and begin your journey to find new opportunities in the communities.

1. When you have INR 25 million you can join Blockchain Community India for free. When Blockchain Community India starts your traditional project, you will continue to buy part of it.

2. If you don’t have $ 25m and want to join Blockchain Community India. You can buy and hold assets of £ 400,000 or more and wait for those assets to get to $ 25-25m. And when if you will You buy part of the traditional BCI projects.

3. And if you don’t even have 400,000 assets to buy. You can earn them through the affiliate program and keep that amount in digital assets and convert into 25 million. And get a stake in traditional BCI projects.

So, in effect, you are not paying any amount to become an affiliate, and whatever the organization receives, you meet the criteria of service.

Another interesting feature of BCI is that all partners. And employees are equally important to business development as each of them has an open door that corresponds to decision making.

The core team will be there to research the knowledge of various companies and provide all the important information to investors. A formal conclusion, however, is drawn in a fair cycle.

Why should you invest right now?

2020 and the pandemic changed the world dramatically and the world is more dependent on technology than ever.

Blockchain and AI are the two technologies used in almost every industry, be it healthcare, education, accounting, etc.

In the coming years, the region will see colossal growth, and therefore it will be more difficult to contribute.

BCI now offers the opportunity to contribute, win, and see and join the technological revolution up close and personal.

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