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Thursday, January 26, 2023
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Platinum End Episode 5: Release Date, Spoilers, and Episode 4 Recap.

Platinum End Episode 5 will bring a battle between Mirai and Metropoliman as he tries to rescue God Candidate.

Platinum End Episode 4 took an exciting turn when Metropoliman defeated three of the candidates for God.

He killed two, Metro Blue and Metro Yellow, while controlling the third divine candidate with the red arrow.

The arrival of Metro Pink and Metro Green was also a big surprise.

Things would have changed if he hadn’t been on the subway side.

Mirai will save the third candidate god under Metropoliman’s control while he plans to kill him.

What will Mirai do? If you are trying to save them you will have to fight the Metropoliman.

Can Mirai and Saki Metropoliman escape? Or will the Metropoliman kill them?

To find the answers to them, read to the end.

Platinum End Episode 5: Release Date and Where to Watch Online?

Platinum End Episode 5, titled “Death Sentence,” is slated for release on Friday, November 5th, 2021.

Platinum End can be streamed online on Crunchyroll, Funimation, Anime Digital Network and VRV via Crunchyroll.

Platinum End Episode 5 will be streamed on Crunchyroll starting at 1:28 pm. JST.

Platinum End Episode 5: Spoilers and What to Expect?

With the deaths of Metro Blue and Metro Yellow, things took a pretty interesting turn. The Metropoliman ‘s plan to attract and kill Divine Candidates has so far been successful, as it has eliminated three Divine Candidates.

He always intends to lure more into his trap by keeping the third candidate god as bait.

He’s already killed Metro Blue and Metro Yellow and is ready to kill the third one.

Will Mirai jump to save her? What will happen next when he tries to save the third candidate for God? Will the Metropoliman kill him?

Even if Mirai can escape, will the Metropoliman leave him?

Mirai is one of the 3 candidates for God with angels of special rank and thus the greatest threat to the metropoliman. Will Metropoliman let him escape?

Another question is what happens to Saki if Mirai tries to save the other divine candidate?

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Will Metropoliman kill Sakis too? Mirai must find a way to save Saki, her love, and the other candidates for God from the Metropoliman.

From the courage shown by Metro Blue and Metro Yellow, it is possible that the other candidates of God could work together to defeat Metropoliman.

But how are you going to do it?

On the other hand, after the metropoliman ruthlessly eliminates three candidates for God, many candidates for God will be afraid of being killed by him, thus hiding their identities as candidates for God.

Check out Platinum End Episode 5 next Friday to see what Mirai will do.

Will he save Sakis or will he fall into Metropoliman’s trap?

The divine candidate hit by the red city arrow can be under your control and help you attract more divine candidates. Let’s see how many candidates for God fall into his trap.

Platinum End Episode 4 Recap: Metropoliman’s trap.

Platinum End Episode 4 made us wince as the Metropoliman trap was exposed, step by step.

He successfully deceived other candidates for God by using a doll.

His plan to eliminate other candidates for God has so far been successful.

Let’s check out Platinum End Episode 4 to find out more.

Episode 4 begins with Metro Blue and Metro Yellow arriving at the stadium shortly after Metropoliman.

Both have wings and red arrows. Hence, both have angels of the first order or more.

Metro Blue attacks Metropoliman with a red arrow, but guess what, the arrow won’t pierce him.

On closer inspection, they discover that a red arrow had already shot him.

As a result, another red arrow failed to pierce for 33 days.

Everyone understands that it was a doll, and not the real metropoliman, as he controlled that person.

Metro Blue and Metro Yellow take up back-to-back defensive positions to cover all possible attack areas.

They openly challenge the metropoliman to face them in the open field.

They also say that they are ready to die and that they would not live in a world where God is the metropoliman.

Let’s take a look at the past of Metro Blue and Metro Yellow.

Both had failed the entrance exams several times and had done nothing right.

They wanted to kill themselves and planned to take pills so that they would die painlessly.

When they were about to take the medicine, two angels appeared before them and revealed that they had been chosen as candidates for God.

They are happy to hear the details, they agree to have a better life.

Metro Blue reveals more details about the powers a contender god cannot shoot while flying at high speed, and the minimum time between shooting two arrows is 2 seconds.

So if the metropoliman attacks one of them, the other can attack him.

He adds that arrows can only be shot from a distance of 31.6 meters.

Metropoliman appears on the stadium screen.

He speaks to the others and explains that they are right about everything except that he has red and white arrows.

So if you prep them at the same time, it will only take you 0.3 seconds to shoot them.

He also adds that he can’t surprise her when he’s back to back.

He can’t attack her when he’s awake. A little later a girl is floating in the air.

He asks Metro Blue and Metro Yellow to leave his team.

She adds that she only has wings and no arrows, so she can’t shoot anyone and she’s afraid that the subway will kill her.

They ask him to approach them to shoot him with their red arrow and confirm that the metropoliman is not controlling the girl.

He immediately agrees and goes to the two of them when suddenly the Metropoliman appears and shoots the girl with her own red arrow.

He tells them to shoot any candidate for God who stands in their way.

Metropoliman runs away with the girl and appears on the screen with her.

Subsequently, Metro Blue and Metro Yellow try to unite other candidates of God on their side.

They are asking you to join them so that everyone can live in a better world where the metropoliman is not God.

They add that they will only allow those who are ready to be hit by their red arrows.

They ask all candidates for God locally to support them.

Shortly afterward, two people appear in Metro Green and Metro Pink in the stadium stands.

They allow Metro Blue and Metro Yellow to shoot them with red arrows and they say they have no wings, only red arrows.

With Metro Blue able to shoot both of them, it was confirmed that they were both out of control. Platinum End Wikipedia

But are they God Candidates?

Metro Green and Metro Pink have yet to show their wings or arrows, so is there any evidence that they are candidates for God?

The fours are more likely to beat Metropoliman, at least they thought.

Meanwhile, Real Metropoliman swapped positions with the fake.

He let him shoot her red and white arrows. With them, he attacked Metro Blue and Metro Yellow.

With the white arrow, Metropoliman killed Metro Blue in the blink of an eye and shot Metro Yellow with a red arrow to control him.

Metro Green and Metro Pink were normal people, not candidates for God.

The Metropoliman hired them and gave them a large sum of money. They were both actors.

Metropoliman took the wings and red arrows from Metro Blue as his angel transported his soul to another world.

You now have two sets of red arrows and feathers and one set of white arrows.

Mirai and Saki were surprised by such a turn of events, and Mirai finds it stupid of him to believe he could take the Metropoliman on his own.

He wanted to hit him with a red arrow, but that seems impossible now that things have changed.

The young candidate for God with wings now appears on the field.

The Metropoliman connects it to the Metro Yellow with a chain on a pole.

Then he shoots Metro Yellow with a white arrow and kills him instantly.

The young girl tries to escape, but she cannot do it with both her hands tied.

She begs everyone in the stadium to help her and save her. Will Metropoliman kill her?

Will anyone save her? Will Mirai jump in to save her?

What if this is a trap and Metropoliman wants to lure more God Candidates out. Will he kill Mirai?

In Spoilers, we see that the Red Ring appears in Mirai’s neck. So will he attack Metropoliman?

What will happen to Saki?

Let us know in the comments below what you think might happen next in Platinum End Episode 5.

Watch the episode coming Friday to see the events unfold between Mirai and Metropoliman with your own eyes.



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