Here you can get all the details of the release date of The 355 movie. The 355 movie is a future action movie.

It is a thriller movie which is based on a female spy. ’The 355’ is named as a secret agent whose identification is mysterious. The main character of The 355 movie is played by Jessica Chastain.

The release date of The 355 movie and the detail of The 355 movie which includes its plot and cast is now very popular among the people because it has to be released in January 2021.

As The 355 movie is a thriller movie and based on the female spy, there is a team of 5 women in the movie. According to some reporters, the main idea of The 355 movie is presented by  Jessica Chastain. The director of The 355 movie is Simon Kinberg.


The 355 movie is an American movie based on a female secret agent or spy. The 355 movie plot is all about five secret agents from other international agencies accumulated together to stop worldwide organizations from gathering such weapons that can blast the whole world. The trailer of The 355 movie also revealed that if the gadget that is shown in the trailer moves to the wrong hands, it may start World War 3.

The CIA agent Mason is given the duty to recovering that gadget. She added some experts with herself in which German secret agent Marie, a computer engineer Khadijah and a Colombian psychologist Graciela are included.

The 355 movie Cast

Jessica Chastain – Mason (Mace Brown) CIA secret agent

Lupita Nyong’o – Khadijah

Diane Kruger – Marie

Penelop Cruz – Graciela

Fan Binbing – Lin Mi Sheng

Sebastian Stan – Nick

Edgar Ramirez – Luis

Hitan Patel – Ahmed Imam

Leo Staar – Grady

John Douglas Thompson – Larry Marks

The 355 movie release date

The release date of The 355 movie was in January 2021 but due to the Covid-19 pandemic. But now the release date of The 355 movie is planned for January 2022.

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