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Saturday, January 28, 2023
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PSVR Successor Look Like High-Tech Sunglasses In Patent Leak

PSVR: A temporary patent may have revealed the official successor to the PSVR headset, which will be available alongside the PlayStation 5. Sony’s next-generation camera was launched earlier this month due to popular demand. from retailers so far. managed to satisfy. It’s fascinating how quickly a website sells when it has a bunch of new engines. On release day, the Walmart website crashes when multiple consoles are available.

There are many reasons fans can’t wait to get their hands on the new PS5. The console features an impressive library of titles such as Demon’s Souls, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and Horizon Forbidden West. It also uses improved technology to nearly eliminate load times. But there is one feature that the PS5 clearly lacks. a new PSVR headset. Sony’s entry into the world of virtual reality began in 2016 with a significant lack of imagination due to the lack of significant support. Fortunately, after the launch, the service resumed with Dreams’ new VR feature.

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PSVR Successor Look Like High-Tech Sunglasses In Patent Leak - Trending Update News
 Image Source: Screen Rant

Just because Sony hasn’t announced a new phone doesn’t mean there isn’t one in the project. The Dutch news site Let’s Go Digital recently discovered a patent that likely shows a new model of PSVR headphones. The Gadget Gang provides a translation and a careful review of the possible new design of Sony VR headsets. The patent presents two possible designs for the new virtual reality interface. The first looks like a traditional helmet, although it is much thinner than the one currently on the market. The second model is even thinner. It looks more like sunglasses than a helmet, and the patent even calls it “virtual reality / augmented reality glasses”. This new design will alleviate the discomfort that previous PSVRs were too large. Sony has apparently also filed patents for a sensor system that detects whether the headset is being used improperly. Wikipedia

It is important to note that there is a high possibility that this patent is fake. It could be a simple joke or just an idea Sony is developing that Sony may not be following. This isn’t the first time a PSVR patent has been posted online, and Sony has yet to officially announce a new design. It can take a long time for fans to achieve something specific.

Even so, Sony has been hinting at the future of VR on the PS5 for a while now. PSVR continued to receive support despite his ruthless exit. The improved PS5 technology is already making significant changes to the existing PSVR system. Hopefully, a new PlayStation VR headset takes it one step further and rejuvenates the increasingly competitive VR industry.

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