Posted By: Sophia Andrew

Posted On: June 10, 2023


Yesterday, something very scary happened at a popular resort in Egypt. Some tourists saw a shark attack in the Red Sea, just like in the movie Jaws. The attack happened about 30 meters from the beach, near the Dream Beach resort hotel in a place called Hurghada. Many people on the beach and the resort staff saw it happen. There is a video online that shows the attack.

In the video, a 23-year-old man named Vladimir Popov, who is from Russia but lives in Egypt, was attacked and eaten by a tiger shark. He was swimming with his girlfriend, but she managed to get away and stay safe. Vladimir’s father was also nearby on the beach. Some people tried to help Vladimir, but they couldn’t reach him in time.

The Russian Consul in Hurghada, named Viktor Voropaev, said that the Egyptian authorities confirmed that Vladimir died because of the shark attack. This information was given to the media in Russia.

This is not the first time a shark attack happened in this area. In July 2022, there were two shark attacks that happened close to each other in the same part of the Red Sea near Hurghada. There were also attacks in 2020 and 2018. Most sharks don’t bother people, but there is always a small chance of a deadly encounter when we go into the water. After this attack, a special team was sent to catch the shark and study it. The authorities want to find out why the shark attacked and see if it’s the same shark from previous attacks.

The Egyptian authorities decided to stop people from swimming, snorkeling, and doing other water activities for two days. This rule started on Friday, June 9, and it affects the area between Gouna, which is north of Hurghada, and Soma Bay, which is to the south. The Minister of Environment in Egypt, Yasmine Fouad, also ordered a group of people to investigate the attack. She told the authorities to make sure people at the beach are safe and to do everything they can to prevent more attacks.

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