Sawan Somwar 2023: Start and End Dates, Important Tithi, and Significance

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Posted On: July 3, 2023


The holy month of Sawan is very special to Lord Shiva, a beloved God in the Hindu religion. According to the Hindu Panchang (calendar), Sawan starts on the first day of the Shravan Krishna Paksha.

This month is eagerly awaited by devotees who want to worship their God with all their hearts. People show great love and respect for Lord Shiva during this time, and the atmosphere is filled with excitement.

This year, the month of Sawan will be longer than usual, lasting for two months, which is considered very auspicious from an astrological point of view.

It will begin on July 4 and continue till August 31, making it a total of 58 days. This longer Sawan is happening after 19 years, and it’s because of an extra month called Adhik Maas or Mal Maas, as per astrological calculations.

During this time, devotees wear traditional clothes and carry water pots (called kanwars) on their shoulders as they go on a pilgrimage known as Kanwar Yatra. In this pilgrimage, they walk to sacred rivers like the Ganges and collect water to offer to Lord Shiva as a symbol of their devotion. It is a very significant and spiritual journey for the devotees.

What is Sawan Somwar?

Sawan Somwar (also called Shravan Somwar) is the period when devotees pay their respects to Lord Shiva and seek his divine blessings. The name “Sawan” is derived from the name of the month, and “Somwar” means Monday, which is the dedicated day of the week for Lord Shiva. The combination of the two makes it “Sawan Somwar.”

Start and End Dates of Sawan 2023

In 2023, Sawan is expected to commence on July 4th and conclude on August 31st.

Sawan 2023: Important Dates

Sawan Start Date: Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Sawan’s End Date: Thursday, August 31, 2023

Sawan Shivratri Date: First Sawan Shivratri, July 15, 2023

Sawan Shivratri Date: Second Sawan Shivratri, August 14th, 2023

Sawan Somwar 2023: Monday dates 

Sawan Starts Date – July 4, 2023, Tuesday

First Sawan Somwar Vrat – July 10, 2023, Monday

Second Sawan Somwar Vrat – July 17, 2023, Monday

Third Sawan Somwar Vrat – July 24, 2023, Monday

Fourth Sawan Somwar Vrat – July 31, 2023, Monday

Fifth Sawan Somwar Vrat – August 7, 2023, Monday

Sixth Sawan Somwar Vrat – August 14, 2023, Monday

Shravan Adhika Maas Ends – August 16, 2023, Wednesday

Seventh Sawan Somwar Vrat – August 21, 2023, Monday

Eighth Sawan Somwar Vrat – August 28, 2023, Monday

Significance of Shravan month

The month of Sawan is a special time for Hindus, as it brings many important festivals and fasting days. Along with the Sawan Somwar fasts, there are other festivals like Kamika Ekadashi, Mangala Gauri Vrats, Hariyali Teej, Nag Panchami, Raksha Bandhan, Narali Purnima, and Kalki Jayanti that are observed during this month.

During this auspicious time, devotees of Lord Shiva start their Kanwar Yatra. They visit holy places and offer water from the Ganges River to Lord Shiva as a way of showing their love and devotion. It’s a wonderful and spiritual time for Shiva devotees.

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