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Shardlake Season 1 is a new TV show that will be available to watch on Disney+. It’s based on a series of exciting books written by C. J. Sansom, which are full of mysteries set in the 16th century during the time of King Henry VIII. The show is made for people who love history and thrilling stories.

The TV series has been carefully created by a talented team. Stephen Butchard adapted the books to bring them to life on screen. Justin Chadwick took charge of directing the show, making sure it looks great. And The Forge produced it, putting all the pieces together to make it amazing.

In the show, you’ll see Arthur Hughes playing the main character, Matthew Shardlake. And guess who else is in it? Sean Bean! He plays the character Thomas Cromwell.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the intriguing world of Shardlake Season 1, as it takes you on a thrilling journey back in time!

Disney and The Forge have chosen Justin Chadwick to be the director for the Shardlake series. He’s a talented filmmaker who has worked on movies like The Other Boleyn Girl, which had famous actors like Eric Bana, Natalie Portman, and Scarlett Johansson.

Chadwick was also the main director for Becoming Elizabeth. So, he knows a lot about telling stories from Tudor history. They believe he’s the perfect person to bring the exciting world of Shardlake to life on the screen!

A lot of people are really excited about the first season of Shardlake! They can’t wait to watch it, and they’re curious about when it will come out. Good news! We have all the details about Shardlake Season 1 right here in this article.

If you’re wondering when Shardlake Season 1 will be available, we’ve got that covered. Also, you might be interested to know who will be acting in the show. And guess what? It will be available on a new streaming platform! Plus, we’ll tell you if there’s a trailer for Shardlake Season 1 or any other season.

So, get ready for the thrilling adventure of Shardlake Season 1, and we’ll keep you informed about all the exciting details!

Shardlake Season 1 Release Date

We don’t know when the show will be released, and it seems like there might not be another season. The fans didn’t show as much excitement as expected, so the chances of a season 1 are not very high.

We think Shardlake might come out in 2023 or maybe early 2024 if everything goes smoothly as planned. But right now, we don’t have a definite date. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best!

What Does Stephen Say About the Series?

Stephen Butchard, the person who made the show based on the book, says he had a great time writing Shardlake. He thinks C.J. Sansom’s books are full of amazing stories, interesting characters, and historical facts.

The stories have thrilling moments, sad parts, and moments of kindness, especially with the main character, Matthew Shardlake. Even though the stories are from Tudor England, they still connect with the things happening in our world today.

People might have changed a bit over the years, but deep down, we are still the same.

Shardlake Season 1 Cast

In Shardlake Season 1, we’ll see some great actors playing the characters. Arthur Hughes will be Matthew Shardlake, a lawyer who believes in doing what’s fair and just. He’s a good person in a world where there are lots of tricky plans and secrets.

Sean Bean will be Thomas Cromwell, a very important and dangerous person who works closely with King Henry VIII. Matthew Shardlake works for Thomas Cromwell, and together, they face many challenges in their journey.

Other talented actors like Anthony Boyle, Babou Ceesay, Paul Kaye, and Ruby Ashbourne Serkis will also be part of the cast, making the show even more exciting!

Where to watch Shardlake Season 1?

The creators of the show haven’t decided on the release date yet. They also haven’t confirmed if it will be on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. But, there’s good news! It’s expected that the show will be available on Disney+.

So, the audience can watch it online on the Disney+ streaming platform. Keep an eye out for updates, and soon you’ll be able to enjoy the show on Disney+!

What Is The Storyline Of Shardlake?

This show is like a thrilling journey that happens in England during the 16th century. Back then, the monasteries were slowly being closed down. Shardlake is a lawyer who usually stays away from any unnecessary problems.

But everything changes when Cromwell asks him to investigate a murder at a monastery in Scarnsea. Shardlake must find clues and solve the mystery to help Cromwell. It’s an exciting adventure full of twists and turns!

The commissioner was gathering evidence to close down a place where people found safety. Now, it’s really important for Shardlake to find the person who committed the murder.

If he can solve the case and close the refuge, it will save Cromwell from trouble with his coworkers. Cromwell tells Shardlake that he has no other choice and can’t back out now that he knows about the murder.

Cromwell gives Shardlake an assistant named Jack Barak, but Shardlake isn’t sure if Jack is there to help him or secretly report back to Cromwell.

As they investigate, the monks at Scarnsea become suspicious of Shardlake and Jack’s actions. They worry about what might happen to their sanctuary in the future, and they try their best to keep their order in place. It’s a tricky situation with lots of secrets and surprises!

Shardlake Season 1 Official Trailer

Are you excited to watch the official trailer? Usually, the trailer comes out after they finish making the show. Right now, the series is still being made, so it’s difficult for us to share the trailer.

But don’t worry, just be patient and wait a little longer. Once the production is done, we’ll be able to show you the official trailer. So, stay tuned and get ready for some exciting sneak peeks!

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