Solutions to Unlock SD Card/Memory Card

Unlock a Locked Memory Card: You can use the lock function to protect the data stored on the memory card, as no one can write to it if it is found. It’s a great setup, but it can be annoying if you don’t know how to unlock it. It’s easy to reveal us the solutions:

If the small switch is at the bottom of the card, the card is blocked.

To unlock the card, slide the switch on top of the card.

If the physical lock is unlocked and the memory card is still locked and you’ve somehow used the phone to enter a password to lock the card, then it is better to use ES File Explorer to unlock the card in the phone. .

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Unlock a Locked Memory Card – Step 1: Run ES file Explorer

Install “ES File Explorer” and run it on your Android device.

Step 2: Rename the file

Open the System folder and find the store file. Rename this file to mmstore.txt.

You can get the memory card password here. Enter this password to unlock the memory card when prompted.

You can also unlock the card in Windows with CMD. It is the perfect solution for a locked memory card.

Step 1: Insert the card

Insert the locked SD card into a card reader and connect it to your computer.

Step 2: Run CMD

Press Windows + R to open the Run dialog box. Enter CMD to open the administrator command prompt. Windows 8 users should press Windows + S to access CMD in the Run dialog box. Right-click on it and select “Run as administrator”.

Step 3: Type commands

Now enter the following command one by one and press Enter after entering a command

Hard drive list (shows a list of all storage media connected to the computer)
Select the disk number, where # is the SD card number
Clean up the hard drive’s write-protected features

When done, exit the command prompt and see if the memory card is unlocked.

How to Unlock a Locked Memory Card? - Trending Update News
Unlock a Locked Memory Card

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