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Friday, January 27, 2023
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Star Wars: Squadrons got 120 FPS support on Xbox Series X, but not PS5

Star Wars: Squadron’s main update adds 120 FPS support for Xbox Series X / S, but not PlayStation 5. Graphics updates are part of a patch that also adds Foster Haven, a level single-player campaign. – as a map for the game modes Dogfight and Fleet Battle. You can access the map individually or cooperatively by battling AI opponents or online with other players. Space Combat Game

Prior to the release of Star Wars: Squadrons, developer EA Motive announced that the game would be released as a full package and that players would not have to wait for new content to be added to the DLC after the release. The developer specifically turned down the idea that more ships could be added when players wondered if the classic B-wing, which was missing from the original roster, would end up showing up. However, EA Motive decided to ship it after the game was released and announced that B-Wing and TIE Defender would be added to the game. The developer named a positive fan reception as the reason for the previous change in attitude. Wikipedia

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Star Wars: 120 FPS Support

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Star Wars: Squadrons got 120 FPS support on Xbox Series X, but not PS5 - Trending Update News
Image Source: AusGamers

In addition to the significant expansion of the Foster Haven map, Star Wars: Squadrons Update 3.0 includes a number of changes to the game’s graphics and user interface, as well as bug fixes. Some of the biggest changes are coming for the PS5 and Xbox Series X / S players. While EA Motive claims the PS5’s visual quality is improving, the Xbox X / S series has a better patch offering. with separate options for performance and optical quality. New Xbox consoles now support up to 120 FPS and 4K resolution.

Long before the new consoles were released, their specs showed that the Xbox Series X had more power under the hood than the PS5, but it’s still unclear what difference this will make in the long run. The PS5 would struggle to run 120 FPS games from the Xbox Series X, as seen in the new Star Wars: Squadrons update, but some games do better on the PS5 than the newer Xbox consoles. There doesn’t seem to be a straightforward answer to which console has the best overall performance, and the question itself may not apply to most gamers who are likely to choose a console for its games rather than its strength. technically.

Regardless, Star Wars: Squadrons players can look forward to this update and the future of the game. Right now, Xbox X / S players are getting better and better with PS5 devices. But everyone will benefit from the new content in the game.

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